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Not only is there heated competition between local TV news stations - both on the air and with live video streaming on their Web sites - now the battle has moved to the blogosphere.

News10 has joined Channels 13/31 in having newsroom staffers create blogs. So now, you can read the innermost musings of Dale and Cristina as well as their counterparts Sam and Pallas.

(Channel 3 and Fox40 are still contentious objectors in the blogging war, alas.)

The problem is that, like Channel 13, News10's scribes don't feed the blogging beast enough. As we here at 21Q know all too well, the blog must be fed daily or it gets way cranky. These TV types need to buy into how the Web is the future of media and all that.

Here we are in the first week of April and the last blog posting from Dale Schornack is March 19. (However, we give props to Schornack for posting an embarrassing old photo of himself in 1977 at KABY in Aberdeen, S.D. Nice jacket-tie combo, Dale. See above.) For Cristina Mendonsa, March 15. News director Stacy Owen must be hopping mad. Oh, wait: Owen has a blog, too, but hasn't posted anything since March 16. Doh!

There is one notable exception: Michael Langley, the assistant news director for new media, rarely lets a few days go by without posting. And they are compelling postings, covering everything from journalism ethics to how the public perceives the media to how producers make news decisions.

At last, a local TV news blog that's not merely a vanity project. Good going, Michael.

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