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April 13, 2007
KFBK parlor game


So, the big question swirling around Ethan Way is: Which smooth voice will replace Jay Alan as the co-host (with Kitty O'Neal) of the KFBK (1530 AM) afternoon news? KFBK honchos are playing this one close to the vest, but here's word we've picked up on the street:

The candidates:

* Marty Lenz. He's a former Denver DJ and voiceover artist who did a tryout shift with Kitty this week. KFBK operations manager Alan Eisenson used to work in Denver, so ....

* Dann Shively (pictured). Yes, the Channel 3 helicopter (excuse me, HD helicopter) pilot-reporter also co-hosted as a tryout recently. Will Dann give up being in the air to spend more time on the air?

* John Alston. The former Channel 3 anchor certainly fits the Jay Alan mold. Alan, you may recall, had just left as a TV anchor at Fox40 when he landed at KFBK.

* R.E. (Bob) Graswich. KFBK has been talking to the former Bee metro columnist about doing some fill-in anchoring. But, who knows? With Graswich's strong name recognition, he might get the full-time gig.

* Tim Lantz and Bob Moffitt. The two current KFBK reporters are said to be in-house candidates.

Stay tuned. All we know for sure is that Alan starts his new gig as communications director of the California Conservation Corps on May 14.

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