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April 26, 2007
New magazine in the works


Come September, area newsstands will have to make way for yet another locally produced magazine.

It will be called Saluté, and it will focus on Italian culture in Northern California. Brainchild of Rancho Cordova graphic designer Rob DeFao, Saluté will be a bi-monthly covering subjects you often see in lifestyle magazines - travel, food, wine, profiles, book reviews - but with an Italian American spin.

There also will be features you don't normally see in mags - Italian lessons, great moments in Italian history, and a department titled "Collar & Habit," about the local clergy.

DeFao, who moved to the Sacramento area three years ago from Columbus, Ohio, had been on the editorial staff of an Italian American publication there for several years. And when he came West, he thought it was a natural to do the same here.

"We have a big population of Italian Americans, from Modesto to the wine country - basically all through Northern California," DeFao says. "At the same time, we don't want to limit ourselves to just Italian American readers. It certainly will be influenced by the Italian American experience, but we want it to appeal to everyone."

Starting a new magazine is a daunting, money-draining task, but DeFao says Saluté will be funded through subscriptions and advertising.

"I'm not really looking for investors," DeFao says. "We want it to be a self-sustaining magazine."

Check out Saluté's Web site here.

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