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Those intrepid newshounds at KBFT, the news station run by Christian Brothers High School that we profiled in The Bee recently, had some real breaking news to cover on Monday.

It seems there was an arrest of a local woman for suspected auto theft on Monday morning right outside the campus, sending the school into "lockdown" mode. However, a KBFT crew happened to be outside, shooting footage for another story when the incident took place.

According to Brendan Hogan, the faculty advisor, the crew took some quick B-roll shots and then rushed back to the TV studio/classroom.

"I asked them how much they got, and they said about 10 seconds," Hogan says. "So I sent them back out there to get more information before I locked the door for the lockdown."

The crew came back with a full story and they got it on the air that morning.

"It was pretty good," Hogan says. "The arrest happened at 8:15, and my kids got it on the air at 9:35. The principal came on the (school intercom) and announced what happened right before we went on the air. So he scooped us. But that's OK."

Perhaps some CB parents weren't too thrilled that student reporters were out and working during a lockdown, but the journalist in Hogan was impressed.

P.S.: If that scoop was a highlight for KBFT, then the local student video awards (SEVA) held last week was a disappointment. Hogan says students forgot to send in the CD with the station's submissions - doh! So Christian Brothers will just have to be content with its top 5 finish in a national contest (out of 700 entrants).

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