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May 23, 2007
Walking fashion woes

Last week, The Bee initiated a "walking program" for all interested employees.

Count me in among the many who were interested because I can't run (bad knees). Plus, I don't like my hair flopping all over the place - and, well, I don't like short shorts.

Anyway, we have routes we can walk near the newspaper office during the day. Add walking at home to that, with each of us supposed to hit 7,500 steps a day.

Well, I can take these steps - and then some!

My question to those of you who walk during work is: How do you wear athletic shoes, even with teeny-tiny socks, and not look, well, stupid if the top half of you is attired in Ann Taylor? And, no, I can't walk a mile in stilettos!

Don't get me wrong. I have no problem sporting cute Lucy or Fleet Feet apparel at work because some of it is certainly appropriate. But not every day.

So, while readers ask me for advice in my column (in The Bee's Scene section), "Shopping for Answers," this time, I'm the one shopping for an answer. Any help would be appreciated, so come through for me. And, whatever your suggestions, keep in mind that I like to wear a baseball cap to keep the sun off my face.

Walk this way with your answers. And count the puns I threw in while you're at it!

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