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June 4, 2007
KCRA and YouTube

Hearst-Argyle, the parent company of Channel 3 (KCRA), announced today that it has reached an agreement with YouTube to post content on the popular video file-sharing site.

KCRA is one of five Hearst-Argyle stations that will have specific "channels" on YouTube. (The other stations are in Boston, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Manchester, N.H.) You can see KCRA's YouTube content here.

In a prepared statement, Hearst executive vice president Terry Mackin said, "We have invested significant resources in our growing digital media efforts. With Google (YouTube's owner) and YouTube, we can now better engage users and advertisers ...."

Hearst stations also plan to ramp up its high school sports coverage, using consumer-generated content to augment its staff coverage. Much of that content will appear on YouTube.

Of course, those who waste their work days watching YouTube videos already know that KCRA has a big presence on the channel via unauthorized postings from viewers. Our favorite is this four-second news "tease," posted below.

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