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In the past two years, Access Sacramento - the county's community-run cable access TV service - has aired more than 80 locally produced events as part of its "Hometown TV" and "Game of the Week" programs.

Want to catch the Festival de la Familia or the prep basketball playoff from Arco Arena? Access Sac provided the coverage, largely thanks to a grant from the Sacramento Metropolitan Cable Television Commission.

But the future of "Hometown TV" and "Game of the Week" is in jeopardy, according to Access Sacramento executive director Ron Cooper. When the cable commission meets at 2 p.m. Thursday at the Board of Supervisor's chambers to approve Access Sacramento's budget for the next fiscal year, both grants are on the proposed chopping block.

"This would mean a 20 percent reduction in our annual budget and the loss of many fine community and sports television productions from throughout the county," Cooper wrote in an e-mail.

Cooper is asking for strong public support to help sway the commission to renew the funding.

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