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On Tuesday, many Internet radio stations will observe a "Day of Silence" to protest an increase in music royalties - established by the Copyright Royalty Board in March and scheduled to go into effect on July 15.

The protest is spearheaded by such Web radio heavy hitters as Pandora, Live365 and KCRW, but it also includes many of the "little" streaming audio sites.

One Internet broadcaster who will not be going silent on Tuesday is Wild West Radio. (That's the station's cowboy mascot at right). Founder Jeff Scammon of Roseville says he is going to keep broadcasting, even though he supports the effort.

Scammon says he's holding out hope that the Internet Radio Equality Act making its way through the House and Senate will overturn the royalty board's decision, which would be too costly for small operators like him to stay in business.

"I'm not sure if this stunt (on Tuesday) would really serve any viable purpose," Scammon says.

"I've voluntarily paid my monthly royalties because I felt it was the right thing to do. I can guarantee that I will not pay any retroactive fees, regardless if some entity wants me to or not."

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