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Not judging by this shameless exploitative piece of drivel story that Channel 3's sister station, My58TV, aired today about a Tracy mother of four who appears in Playboy's "Hot Housewives and Vicious Vixens" photo spread.

The biggest surprise is not that KCRA, whose brand "Where the news comes first," has descended into "Good Day Sacramento" territory - it's that one of its more respected reporters, Rich Ibarra, did the story.

The woman, Felicia Crowton of Tracy, tells Ibarra: "I'm definitely going to look back on this and be proud of myself."

Too bad that KCRA's news department won't be able to say the same thing.

Morning anchors Chris Riva and Deirdre Fitzpatrick seemed downright embarrassed to be introducing the story.

Oh, and if you can't get enough of the Tracy mom, Dave and Lois will interview her live at 6:30 tonight on the Channel 3 news.

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