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OK, so it wasn't exactly prime time, but the weekend edition of "Good Day Sacramento" got some network recognition Monday night from Craig Ferguson (left), host of CBS' "Late Late Show."

It seems that "GDS" anchor Taryn Winter Brill has a thing for Ferguson and has waxed eloquent about him on the weekend show. She even framed a photograph of the Scot.

But, while Brill was praising Ferguson's dry humor, co-anchor Cody Stark was showing his appreciation by pretending to stick his finger in Ferguson's nose.

Ferguson showed that clip, then looked into the camera and mugged: "On the one hand, attractive woman, likes the show. That's nice. On the other hand, what the hell are you doing with the finger in the nose there? I'm kind of insulted but in a sexy way."

No word yet on whether Ferguson has taken out a restraining order against Brill.

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