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October 9, 2007
Adrian Tomine on Pop Candy

shortcomings_.JPG OK, first a gripe. I wanted to interview Adrian Tomine- the Sacramento- born- and- bred comic book/graphic novelist whose new book, "Shortcomings" (Drawn & Quarterly, $16, 108 pages), just hit shelves.

But Tomine, who lives in Brooklyn, only wanted to chat via e-mail, which is usually not the preferred method of interviewing 'round these parts.

Then, I surfed on over to the Drawn & Quarterly site and discovered that Tomine's book tour is totally bypassing his hometown. Um, Sac's only 90 minutes from Berkeley (where Tomine will read on Nov. 15 at Cody's Book Store). What's up with that?

But, enough about me and how I'll be nursing my reporterly wounds for the next couple of days - all you need to know is that one of my favorite bloggers has just posted a great podcast with Tomine. (See, I can be big about these things).

Whitney Matheson, who writes the awesome Pop Candy blog for USA Today, interviewed Tomine about the book, race, pop culture and the possibility of a movie based on Tomine's "Optic Nerve" series.

Check out Matheson's blog entry. From there, you can download the podcast from iTunes or stream it as a Windows Media file.


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