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Channel 3, which has been without a financial analyst since Tom Sullivan moved to New York to work for the Fox Business Network, has picked a familiar face to replace him - Kelly Brothers.

Brothers spent 14 years with KCRA before leaving to become a morning news anchor for KFBK radio (1530 AM) nearly four years ago. In addition, Brothers used his master's degree in business to become a financial adviser. And, since January, 2006, Brothers has been doing two morning business reports for News10.

Brothers did not immediately return a phone call seeking comment on the move.

News10's loss is Channel 3's gain, and it comes two weeks before the start of the November "sweeps" period.

KCRA news director Anzio Williams says Brothers will start next week and will be "a major part of our morning news and Web site." Brothers also will do special reports for Channel 3's evening news.

"Were very happy to have him back," Williams says. "We think this is going to be big. The entire staff is excited. Were looking to change the way we report on business in this market. Ive been telling folks its not about Wall Street as much as its about families and their financial struggles and the different challenges they run into.

"Kelly can add his busines expertise to his television experience."

Russell Postell, general manager of News10, says he wishes Brothers well. Postell says Brothers worked on a freelance basis for News10, so therefore did not have the standard "non-compete clause" forbidding him for working for a competitor.

"Kelly is an excellent person and we enjoyed worknig with him," Postell says. "I still think Kelly is actually a better fit with News10 than (Channel 3). He embodies what News10 is about (that is, connecting with the community)."

Postell says Brothers did not seek a better deal from News10.

"Kelly's not that kind of guy," Postell says. "He didn't pit one against the other. He just said this is what he wants to do and we respect that."

Alan Eisenson, operations manager at KFBK, said in an e-mail that Brothers will continue to anchor the KFBK morning news.

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