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Josh Bernstein, the only local-TV journalist whose job was strictly as an investigative reporter, is leaving Channel 3. He is said to be headed to a station in a larger market to be part of an investigative team.

Bernstein confirmed to us that he is leaving the station, but declined further comment. Anzio Williams, Channel 3's news director, did not immediately return a reporter's phone call.

However, we have obtained the memo that Williams sent to his staff Wednesday:

Congratulation to Josh Bernstein who has decided to move on from
KCRA-3/MY58. Josh came to Sacramento two years ago to help lead our
Investigative reporting unit. Josh's ability to dig deep for detailed
information on daily stories and his thoroughness on investigative stories
will be missed. We wish Josh the best as he moves forward with his career.
You still have time to say good-bye, his last day is Oct 31. A nationwide
search is currently underway to hire another I-Reporter.

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