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On News10's morning show today, viewers saw "traffic and weather together on the ..." uh, on the floor, actually!

It seems the News10 producers pulled a Halloween surprise on the anchors, scaring the bejesus out of meteorologist Monica Woods (left)and traffic reporter Melissa Crowley. Woods and Crowley screamed like tweens at a scary movie, then Woods ducked under the desk and Crowley took off running. (Oddly, anchors Dan Elliott and Kelly Jackson stayed composed.)

And no, smarty-pants, they weren't frightened by the sight of the morning show's latest ratings.

Anyway, Woods had the best line after regaining her composure and her ability to sit back upright: "As soon as I saw what the screaming was about, I hit the floor. My only other option was to jump in Dan's lap! I think I made the right choice."

Watch the video here.

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