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'Tis the season for religion in local TV news.

Here we bring you two recent items of interest involving local media, one serious and one silly.


Channel 3 reporter Adrienne Bankert spoke about her belief in God in front of the International Students Christian Fellowship at Sac State recently.

Avi Ehrlich, reporter for the school newspaper, the State Hornet, wrote about a mini-controversy stemming from Bankert's remarks:

Others took issue with parts of Bankert's message...One part of Bankert's presentation that (Sac State ethnic studies major Marc) Sorensen was uncomfortable with dealt with religious stereotypes.

As part of her presentation, Bankert asked: "Have you ever met a poor Jewish person?"

"I have never met a poor Jewish person ever in my life! Every Jewish person I went to school with had money, and if they didn't have money literally ... they knew how to get some. The Jewish people founded Hollywood, Jewish people were in banking, lawyers."

Bankert said she, herself, is a Jew in Jesus' name.

"I'm a Jewish person, because I'm saved by the blood of Jesus. He is Jewish, and I want what he's got for me."

Here's the link to Ehrlich's full story on Bankert.

And now, for THE SILLY:


News10's Dan Adams found a woman in Natomas who has seen the Virgin Mary holding the baby Jesus on the bottom of her muffin pan.

Arrrgh! Add this to the litany of Jesus sightings that our local TV stations have uncovered - Jesus on a fence post, Jesus and Mary in a pancake, Jesus in a tree stump, etc. ...

Only this time, Adams punctuated his report by doing a stand-up outside The Bee's building, good-naturedly chiding your own 21Q/Media Savvy correspondent for poking fun at the true believers.

My only comment: Maybe the woman should wash out the bottom of the muffin pan before using it again.

Check out Adams' report here.

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