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This just in: Anzio Williams, news director at Channel 3, has given 21Q this response to reporter Adrienne Bankert's's derogatory comments about Jewish people - originally published in a Sac State newspaper article:

"(KCRA) does not condone or endorse any comment that was made. We require all of our on-air talent to refrain from engaging in any outside activities or manners that impinge on our reputation of fairness, balance and accuracy.”

Asked whether Bankert has been disciplined, Williams says: “We’ve taken steps to address the matter internally and to make sure it doesn’t occur again.”

UPDATE (1:55 P.M.): Bankert, through KCRA management, has released the following statement:

"I have been made aware that certain remarks that I made to a small student
group at Sacramento State last week could be regarded as offensive
stereotyping to some individuals and the community at large. I never
intended any of my comments to be hurtful or to stereotype any particular
group. I am well aware of the harm that stereotypical comments can cause to
specific groups and our society in general. I apologize if anyone was
offended by remarks."

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