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December 12, 2007
Best of the 'Best-of' lists


We're enterting prime list-making season in the media world. It's a hoary tradition for news organizations to fill space inform the public by wrapping up the year. As a public service, we here at 21Q will check in occasionally to review the best of the best-of lists.

The New York Times Magazine had an intriguing "Year in Idea" issue on Sunday. But, we're not blogging about that. No, we're going waaaaay lowbrow with the light-as-air Web site Popsugar and its "Best Celebrity Mug Shots."

There, you can vote on the best-looking celebrity booking mug. The leader, as of this writing, is former Disney Channel actor Shia LaBeouf, who was arrested at a Chicago Walgreens for refusing to leave the store. (Just today, charges were dropped against the actor, who will be starring with Harrison Ford in the latest Indiana Jones pic. How's that for news you can use?)

Anyway, feel free, dear readers, to pass along other best-of lists you encounter - the weirder the better.

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