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February 22, 2008
Oscar goes under the big top

Associated Press

Rain is in the forecast for L.A. on Sunday. Could that mean a soggy red carpet for the Academy Awards?

Not according to my sources. The (red-carpet) show, as they say, will go on.

Certainly, so says actress Lisa Rinna, who will co-host TV Guide Network's red-carpet coverage. In a call with me earlier this week, Lisa says tents (pictured above) are at the ready to protect those stars and starlets as they make their way from their limos, down the carpet and eventually into the Kodak Theatre for the awards ceremony.

"It is what it is," Lisa says. "We'll make it happen."

Of course, with tents (and umbrellas and the like), our at-home views might be a tad obscured because the TV platforms won't have their usual clear vantage points.

(A virtual monsoon is predicted on Sunday for Sacramento, while the L.A. (Hollywood/Beverly Hills) forecast, according to The Bee, Weather.com and USA Today, calls for rain and a high of 61. That's downright BRRRR! for those starlets who plan to arrive scantily clad.)

Whatever the view, however, I'm not seeing any Burberry raincoats covering up thousand-dollar gowns. The stars will just have to grin (and answer the same questions over and over) and bear it.

A note from one fashionista to another: Want to dish about the red carpet? Join me here at 21Q from 3 to 5 p.m. Sunday as I blog in real time about my take on the fashions - and/or the abundant outerwear. See you then!

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