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Veteran News10 reporter Dan Adams, a four-time regional Emmy Award winner who became the Sacramento market's first "video journalist" in 2006, is retiring. His last day at News10 will be March 28.

Adams, 55, says in an e-mail that "there's no behind-the-scenes scandal or anything like that...but life holds some more adventures for me, and it's time to start them."

And no, you in the TV business who cringe at the "one-man-band" trend of reporters shooting and editing their own stories, Adams is not leaving because he was forced to be a VJ.

In fact, Adams volunteered to do it. And now others at News10 are going the VJ route. Anchor Dale Schornack has even blogged about how excited he is about VJing.

Anyway, Adams tells us he's moving to Mexico to enjoy the good life. (One word of advice, Dan: Sunscreen.)

This is a significant loss for News10. News director Stacy Owen could not be immediately reached for comment.

UPDATE: March 10, 2:45 p.m.: Stacy Owen emails a comment on Adams: "Dan is that rare combination of seasoned veteran and trailblazer. He has something that is so hard to find these days - a natural gift for looking at things with a critical eye. He takes nothing at face value, and is not one to accept any one perspective. That's why his decision to become a "one man band" was so significant. He saw the opportunity in being able to have creative control from beginning to end. Yet he doesn't just accept that this is the answer for our industry. He is still challenging us. In so doing, he is once again setting an example for his peers and for the industry."

Read Adams' extensive bio here.

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