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Posters on the radio-info.com message board are buzzing today about a possible format switch over at KSAC (1240 AM).

According to one post by Mike Malloy, the nationally syndicated talk show host whose show airs daily on KSAC, the progressive talk-radio station, the format will flip to gospel come Monday morning.

(Malloy has yet to respond to an e-mail from The Bee seeking to clarify his remarks.)

The Internet's been speculating about a possible KSAC format switch since February, but is this for real - or an early April Fool's joke?

KSAC general manager Paula Nelson has yet to return our calls and subsequent calls to the station have yielded nothing but an automated message indicating that the office is closed - even though its stated business hours are 8-5.

So what's up with that? Did they close up shop early to make the switch? Tired of fielding phone calls? Or is the receptionist just taking a potty break? Hey, it happens to the best of us.

As they say in the radio biz, stay tuned.

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