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It's April Fool's Day, which basically means that any self-respecting American will have gotten out of bed today with both eyes wide open and his-or-her irony meter set on high.

That said, even I did a double take when I read the Sacrag headline: Sad story: John McCrea R.I.P..

A traffic accident has taken the life of John McCrea, lead singer and songwriter for the band Cake. No official statement has been made by the bandís management, but sources close to the Rag report that the incident occurred last night after their sold-out show in Bordeaux, France.

Band members were noshing at a patisserie when a delivery van for the business jumped onto the sidewalk and crashed onto the patio seating. McCrea was killed instantly. Trumpeter Vince DiFiore has reportedly been hospitalized, but his condition is unknown.

It only took a few minutes and some light Google searching to realize that A) No one else was reporting this "story," and B) the Sacramento-born band isn't even on tour right now, much less hanging out in Bordeaux, France.

OK, great, it's April Fool's Day - you got me. So funny.

Actually, Sacrag readers don't seem too amused either, with comments decrying the joke as "cruel," "insensitive" and "tasteless."

One poster put it this way:

If this is an April Foolís Joke, which it must be, because there is no other news reporting this, itís in incredibly poor taste, and totally immature ... Your joke is totally offensive and should be removed.

While a call to Sacrag has yet to be returned, the blog has since updated its joke by trying to up the silly factor with posts such as this one: Sinister Baker Sought in Rock Star Slaying.

OK, sure, that reads more like satire, but guess what?, in light of the first post - still not too funny-ha-ha.

Now, Sacrag's gag on Mark S. Allen hosting "American Idol," also posted today? That's funny.

Or, from another corner of the Internet, how about this plea from Sacramento's Smosh duo, begging fans to help pay off a $20 million Pokemon copyright infringement suit? Hilarious.

But joking - and stupidly, might I add - about someone's death? That's just mean. And not snarky mean - because we all know how much Sacrag prides itself on the snark - but just mean mean.

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