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Just a week after Audrey Farrington resigned from her post as vice president/general manager of Fox40 (KTXL), the station's parent company, Tribune Broadcasting, named Robert "Bob" Ramsey as the station's new head.

It's a lateral move for Ramsey, who previously served as the veep and GM at San Diego's KSWB station.

Actually, it's a teensy bit of a move up as the Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto market is ranked 20th in the nation, according to Nielsen Media Research. San Diego is ranked 27th.

A Tribune Broadcasting press release trumpeted the change as an opportunity to "expand local news programming...into other parts of the day."

Fox40 news director Tom Burke says Ramsey comes into his new job "with real strong news background" that will help the station meet new demands.

"The times we live in - with the convergence of the Internet and broadcasting (means) there is a greater sense of immediacy - in not waiting and getting it done now," Burke says. "This (management change) goes along with the times."

So how will such change translate for viewers?

"That remains to be seen," Burke says.

Literally and figuratively, we presume. Big changes have been afoot at other Tribune-owned stations. Ramsey's former stomping grounds, for example, just switched allegiances; in the fall, KSWB, now a CW station, will become a Fox affiliate with management promising a pronounced emphasis on local news programming.

Ramsey was not available for comment. Stay tuned.

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