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Day three of his new media life and Bob Ramsey tells us he's still adjusting to his role as Fox40 (KTXL)'s newest general manager/vice president.

"I'm not really settled in yet - it's a work in progress," Ramsey says. "But so far, so good."

Among his top tasks: "Capitalizing on (the Fox network's) success...and expanding the role of news."

So - should viewers expect more local news programming sometime in the near future? Like, say, a morning or afternoon news show? (Currently, KTXL only broadcasts a 10 p.m. local news broadcast).

"I'd say that's a pretty good assumption," Ramsey says. "We're going to look at the news from all angles."

Ramsey's previous job was as general manager/vice president of San Diego's KSWB - a CW affiliate that, later this year, will officially switch its loyalties to Fox.

Same gig - but then again, not, he says.

"(KTXL) is a much more mature station - it's been with Fox since Day 1 and it's also a much larger market, covering several counties," he says. "The sheer geography and size of Sacramento makes the job very different."

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