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So, apparently, Tuesday's cover story in Scene on talk radio - and the demise of locally produced, politically oriented shows - touched a nerve.

Specifically, many readers were shocked - shocked! - that I (along with my Bee writing partners Sam McManis and Dan Vierra) didn't include KSTE's Armstrong & Getty in the round-up.

Their exclusion is proof positive, many a reader posited, that I am (take your pick) showing my liberal bias, a terrible journalist, and/or the living incarnation of the devil. OK, that last one's not a direct quote - but, terrible journalist that I may be, I can kinda read between the e-mail lines.

Jack Armstrong and Joe Getty were also outraged at being left out and, on their show this morning, pointed out that "we're the No. 1 freaking show."

Of course, from there, they go on to draw the same conclusion that I - along with my editor - made when deciding to not include them:

"We're not a political show, we talk about everything."

And that is, precisely, why they weren't included.

Certainly, you could debate the validity of their exclusion six ways to Sunday and, you know what?, I'm willing to go out on a limb here and say, hey, yeah, perhaps, they could have merited a footnote.

Or, at the very least, a whole blog entry!

Seriously guys, the exclusion wasn't personal. Or a sign that I didn't know you guys existed - I did, I do.

You can listen to A&G argue their point here.

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