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Bummer news in the Sacto blogger realm: Local online media scribe RadioMatthew has called it quits, blog-wise.

In an entry posted today, RadioMatthew (a frequent 21Q commenter, btw), explained it thusly:

I was offered a competitive position at a local Sacramento television station that I believe deserves my focus now. The position will start out as an internship and hopefully grow to be something more, though time will tell on that one. I look forward to this exceptional opportunity the station has given me to prove myself to them.

In the meantime, I intend to take this free time away from the blog by spending it with the people who matter the most to me—people who have been very supportive during my blogging career and understood the sacrifice in time and presence I needed in order to keep this running daily.

Good luck, but hopefully this doesn't mean RM will be permanently MIA from this part of the Interweb. One thing's for sure: RadioMatthew posts will remain archived at the site and you can still check out his other venture, the SactownMedia forum and wiki pages.

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