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In a push to engage online news users, the tinkerers behind Channel 13 (KOVR) and Channel 31 (KMAX) have finally given their web sites a little Web 2.0 spit and shine.

Specifically, you can now add Channel 13 and 31 "widgets" to your blog or social networking page (think Facebook, Myspace, et. al).

Widgets, by the way, are Web applications that deliver content to your site. The Channel 13 and 31 widgets can (depending on your preferences) deliver news feeds, videos. links and, yes, advertisements.

The stations' newest tech addition got me thinking - how useful / tech-forward are the other local TV news station Web sites?

While News10, KCRA and Fox40 offer mobile updates, none of them deliver widgets.

And, as far as I can tell, Fox40 (KTXL) is - surprisingly - the only local station with an active Twitter account.

me your thoughts on local TV web sites - what works, what doesn't (feel free to politely point out anything I've missed). Or, leave a comment below.

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