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October 31, 2007
After the fire: An Angle cancels tour

RP CHRIS ANAYA STEPS.JPGOn Oct. 23, a four-alarm fire destroyed four midtown homes just down the street from 21Q's headquarters at 21st and Q.

Luckily, there were no fatalities - unless you count An Angle's music tour.

The acclaimed local rock band was on tour in Arizona when singer Kris Anaya learned that the blaze had destroyed his home.

In a message on the band's MySpace page, Anaya informed fans of the tour's cancellation, noting that "I am needed back at home to help deal with the situation. We'll do our best to get back on the road once this mess has been sorted out."

I had a brief e-mail exchange with Anaya (pictured on the steps of his now-destroyed home, in a photo taken by Bee photographer Randy Pench in May 2005), who said he and the rest of the band hope to make up the dates in January or February.

In the meantime, Anaya's dealing with what's left.

"I lost a lot of things, but we were able to salvage a couple of instruments," says Anaya in his e-mail. "(But) the house is ruined."

Send well wishes or keep up with An Angle's tour plans via its MySpace page or Web site.

October 31, 2007
UGGs are anything but ugly. Really


I don't care what anyone thinks (and you know who you are in The Bee's newsroom): The UGG in UGG boots doesn't stand for ugly. And if you've ever owned a pair, you know it's darn near impossible to go back to stilettos after wearing any of the numerous UGG styles.

If you haven't, here's your chance to check out the latest trends in UGG boots at Franco Ferrini in the Pavilions shopping center, from 3 to 7 p.m. Thursday. (The showroom also will be hosting UGG Australia rep Miles Olson, who will be available to answer questions.)

I admit this is a draw, too: In addition to the cute boots, wine and cheese will be served!

So, what are some of the newest UGG styles? Store manager Erica Kazinec lists the Sunburst (shearling on the sides) as a favorite. Another is the Sundance II, which comes in black and can be rolled down. There are wedge UGGs and even versions with prints, such as mosaics. Erica says her store also has an exclusive on the UGG classic short boot in rum raisin.

For more information: (916) 927-3336.

* Also on Thursday, Five Figs Couture in Davis will serve up an evening of fun and fashion, featuring four of the store's most devoted clients modeling the latest fall and holiday apparel.

The event is to benefit Sonrisa Vida Sana, an outreach program that promotes health education for low-income Latino communities, including migrant farmworkers. The program focuses on Yolo and Solano counties; a portion of the evening's clothing sales will go to the grassroots program.

The shoppers-turned-models: Kelly Calhoun, Bonnie Krupp, Ginger Joyce and Lois Sherman.

The event is from 6 to 8 p.m. at the store, 231 E St., Suite 3. Call Ann Kormos, who heads the benefit, for more information: (530) 756-3500.

October 31, 2007
KCRA's Josh Bernstein is Phoenix-bound


As we reported last week, Channel 3 investigative reporter Josh Bernstein is leaving the station. And now we know where he's going: KNXV, the ABC affiliate, in Phoenix.

Bernstein will be part of a four-reporter investigative team, which also includes a computer-assisted reporting expert and its own executive producer. Bernstein replaces Abbie Boudreau, who left the Phoenix station in September to join CNN as an investigative reporter.

"These openings are very rare," Bernstein says. "I couldn't pass up the opportunity. There are only a handful of (local TV) stations that have a real investigative team, and (the Phoenix station) makes a serious commitment to investigative projects."

As for his two years in Sacramento?

"No hard feelings," Bernstein says. "I had a great time in Sacramento. I worked with some great people, especially my photographer Mike Williams, who has a real passion for the job."

But ....

"I'd like to see more commitment, not just here at KCRA - but at every station in Sacramento - to investigative reporting," Bernstein says. "That's a way a station can make its mark in this market, because, frankly, we don't see much of it here."

This is Bernstein's last day at Channel 3. He starts in Phoenix in December.

October 31, 2007
When Meg met McClatchy

Photo courtesy of

The McClatchy Baghdad bureau's Iraqi women reporters rubbed shoulders with celebrities Tuesday night in Beverly Hills at a shindig in which they received the Courage in Journalism Award from the International Women's Media Foundation.

Among the celebs: movie stars Meg Ryan (pictured on the screen above) and Angelina Jolie, who were on hand to praise the journalists, who risk their lives daily to bring readers the news from the war.

Little-known fact, as reported by McClatchy news honcho Howard Weaver (a.k.a. McClatchy's vice president of news) in his blog: Ryan once was a journalism student at New York University.

Hey, if the acting thing doesn't work out, Meg, give us a call here at 21Q.

October 30, 2007
Catch up with the Bravery at

If, like me, you missed the Bravery's September show at the Hard Rock Cafe, here's another chance to catch the band - this time from the comfort of your desk chair. (And if that desk chair happens to be at work, don't worry, my lips are sealed.)

Yes, a video of the show - which was available to KWOD listeners on a win-a-ticket basis only, will be streamed over at starting Thursday.

Here's the catch (yes, I know, there's always a catch): You must register with The Club - KWOD's online spot for free tickets and other goodies - by 11:59 p.m. Wednesday. (Relax, it's free and easy - just like you. Kidding. I kid.) Do that and you'll get a link to a video stream of the band performing such songs as "An Honest Mistake" and "Time Won't Let Me Go."


October 30, 2007
Text-scooping Channel 13 reporter quits


This has to be a blow to Channel 13 right before the November sweeps, which begin on Thursday.

One of its best young reporters, Bridget Cannata, has quit the station in the middle of her contract. She had been with the station since July of 2006. (Check out our blog from last week, when we reported some of Channel 13's new hires.)

Cannata could not be reached for comment, but Steve Charlier, the station's vice president for news, says she left to be closer to her family in San Francisco.

"She's a loss for us," Charlier says. "We thought the world of Bridget."

Cannata, you may recall, was the reporter who gave Channel 13 its biggest scoop during last November's sweeps when she used her BlackBerry to text message the verdict in the Mario Garcia murder case from the courtroom, where cameras were not allowed.

October 30, 2007
Here come the fashion shows!

I'm kind of blown away by the number of fashion shows that are being put on this fall by local colleges.

To those naysayers who think Sacramento has no style, I say, "Go to a show and check it out!"

I'll be writing about Sacramento City College's upcoming show in Wednesday's Looking Good section in Scene.

In the meantime, here at 21Q, I want to keep you posted on another show, this one set for Saturday and presented by the Sierra College Patrons. It's called "Step Into Fall," and it will be held from noon to 2 p.m. at the Whitney Oaks Golf Club, 2305 Clubhouse Drive in Rocklin. Catherine's Sun River Clothing Co. and Simply Striking will provide the women's clothing; Patrick James will be handling the men.

The group Sierra College Patrons promotes arts and humanities programs at the junior college, in the form of scholarships and grants.

Tickets for the fashion show (and luncheon) are $30 and are available by calling (916) 652-4840. They also can be purchased in the president's office at Sierra College.

October 29, 2007
News10's set gets critiqued on CNN

So that hilarious video we posted last week of News10's morning team getting scared by Halloween characters has made CNN's "American Morning." (Look under the video heading "top stories.")

The kicker is that CNN anchor Kiran Chetry (pictured), who introduced the clip, formerly worked at News10. Afterward, Chetry said: "The set hasn't changed a bit, by the way, since 1999."

Hmm. She's right. Channel 13 and Channel 3 have changed the looks and the color schemes of their sets. But News10 is sticking with the wood-paneled, red-and-gold combination.

Memo to News10 honcho Stacy Owen: Time for a redesign, per chance?

October 26, 2007
And then there's Renee

zell harold

"Bee Movie," opening Nov. 2, is largely a Jerry Seinfeld affair, which is why I interviewed Seinfeld for Sunday's Ticket+ section (and did a complementary interview for the cameras, which can be seen here.

But the love interest in "Bee Movie" is no slouch, either: Oscar winner Renee Zellweger voices Vanessa, the florist on whom Barry the Bee develops a crush.

Co-director Steve Hickner praises Zellweger's creativity in the vocal booth.

"She's spectacular," Hickner says. "You never have any idea what she's going to give you, and she never gives the same read twice."

Zellweger decided that Vanessa would be just like Maude from "Harold and Maude," but quite a few years younger.

Hickner found the idea inspired. "(Vanessa) has that kind of quirkiness Ruth Gordon had...and Maude would have a friend who's a bee!"

October 26, 2007
The case of Channel 3 and the news release

Be sure to check out Saturday's Scene story in The Bee about Channel 3 using interviews, sound bites and charts from a video news release without what some believe was adequate and full disclosure. UPDATE: Here's the link to the story.

Judge for yourself.

Here is the link to the video news release (VNR) sent to the station by Autobytel, the parent company of (Note: You must have Quick Time to view this video.)

And below is Channel 3's report, which the station posted on its YouTube page.

October 26, 2007
Magic in midtown

CDC_HALLOWEEN_DECORATIONS_2.JPGWant to get a jump on Halloween?

Then head to J Street Saturday for the annual Midtown Business Association Trick or Treat. It's a community event from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., when parents can bring their kids and walk along the J Street corridor and surrounding streets. Midtown businesses, including boutiques and shops, will participate by handing out treats.

Worried about parking? Well, the city is giving its own treat: It will not enforce the parking meters within the boundaries of H to L streets, and 16th to 29th streets. One note: Do not, I repeat, NOT park in any of the red or blue zones or block crosswalks. Those are still no-nos!

So go and enjoy. And on Wednesday (the actual holiday), I'll be offering some tips on Halloween etiquette and other advice for the evening's festivities. Yes, there are rules and regulations. Check it out in Scene.

October 26, 2007
Channel 13's on a hiring binge


Channel 13 has hired four - count 'em - four new reporters. News director Steve Charlier says two of the reporters are replacing Naj Alikhan, who left in early October, and Charlotte Fadipe, who left in late summer. The other two spots are new positions.

The new arrivals (pictured above, left to right, in order they appear below):

* Reggie Kumar, from Palm Springs. (Check out Kumar's appearance this morning on "Good Day Sacramento" here.)

* Elyce Kirchner, from Providence, R.I.

* David Begnaud, from Shreveport, La. (Note: Check out David's demo reel; he hosted the Miss Louisiana pageant!), and, from up the road:

* Kristina Lee, from Chico.

October 26, 2007
News10 anchors run for their lives!


On News10's morning show today, viewers saw "traffic and weather together on the ..." uh, on the floor, actually!

It seems the News10 producers pulled a Halloween surprise on the anchors, scaring the bejesus out of meteorologist Monica Woods (left)and traffic reporter Melissa Crowley. Woods and Crowley screamed like tweens at a scary movie, then Woods ducked under the desk and Crowley took off running. (Oddly, anchors Dan Elliott and Kelly Jackson stayed composed.)

And no, smarty-pants, they weren't frightened by the sight of the morning show's latest ratings.

Anyway, Woods had the best line after regaining her composure and her ability to sit back upright: "As soon as I saw what the screaming was about, I hit the floor. My only other option was to jump in Dan's lap! I think I made the right choice."

Watch the video here.

October 26, 2007
Fashion - and Cyndie French


I've been e-mailing and speaking with Cyndie French this week about the upcoming Magnum Opus Fashion Show, which will take place Saturday, Nov. 3, at the Hard Rock Cafe in the Downtown Plaza.

As many of you will remember, Cyndie was part of an incredible series - "A Mother's Journey - that The Bee published last year about her son, Derek Madsen, who was battling a rare form of cancer. Derek lost his battle and now Cyndie, a single mom, is doing great things with a foundation in his honor, Derek's Wish.

"This fashion show means everything to me because it will raise funds to help other families who are struggling with the same thing I went through," Cyndie says. "Plus, it will truly be an exciting evening."

From the looks of the show's schedule, it should, indeed, be a fashionable, fabulous evening.

Here's what's on tap:

* Doors open at 7, with a buffet dinner to follow.

* There will be at least 10 local designers participating, including RJ Designs, AY Clothing, Nicole Zambolla, Venus Creations and Allen Tram.

* And hey, how about dancing and mingling afterward till 1 a.m.?!

Tickets for the show are $40; VIP tickets go for $55. They're available at IKON Boutique in Downtown Plaza or at the Magnum Opus Web site. Just click here.

For more information about Derek's Wish Foundation, click here.

October 25, 2007
Carla Meyer's Movie Picks

This week, my picks differ from the version in Friday's Weekend Ticket section. This version features an extra pick and reflects some very welcome news:

The Darjeeling Limited
3 stars
Last week, I blogged about how seeing the short film "Hotel Chevalier" before "Darjeeling Limited" at a press screening gave me a better understanding of Jason Schwartzman's character. Well, starting Friday, everyone will be able to see Wes Anderson's companion piece to "Darjeeling" in theaters along with the feature. I am almost certain the studio made this move in response to my 21Q item.
Rated R

Across the Universe
2 1/2 stars
There’s just something transportive about a plaintive voice, a Beatles tune and lively visuals. Not everything works in Julie Taymor’s musical, but some scenes are so spectacular that they alone make the picture worthwhile viewing. Just think of this film as the antidote to “Saw IV.”
Rated PG-13


Gone Baby Gone
3 stars
Director Ben Affleck gives his brother, Casey (pictured at right), a showcase in this morally ambiguous crime story involving the disappearance of a 4-year-old girl. Though soft-spoken, Casey Affleck shows convincing grit as his private detective character takes on criminals who might be tied to the missing girl and cops who would prefer that he backed off.
Rated R

Things We Lost in the Fire
3 stars
The film’s depiction of the cycle of addiction seems truthful, with Benicio Del Toro's performance convincing at every stage. Rather than go over the top during more dramatic moments, Del Toro keeps his character consistent.
Rated R

October 25, 2007
Julie Durda: She'll take Florida by storm


The meteoric rise of former News10 traffic diva (and former contestant on "The Bachelor" and former 49ers cheerleader) Julie Durda continues unabated, even after that unfortunate incident at KRON in San Francisco (where she may or may not have accidentally dropped the F-bomb on air).

Here’s an item from today’s Fort Lauderdale (Fla.) Sun-Sentinel:

“THE FORECAST? HOT WSVN-Ch. 7 has found its replacement for Elita Loresca, the morning and midday weathercaster, who was named by men's magazine FHM as the sexiest weatherwoman in America. ...

Julie Durda, a Sacramento, Calif., native, who has been working at KPHO in Phoenix, will take over Loresca's duties on Nov. 1.

"Julie is the perfect fit for a new Today in Florida weather anchor," WSVN vice president for news Alice Jacobs said in a statement announcing Durda's hiring. "She is knowledgeable, energetic and has a passion for weather."

Like Loresca, she's extremely telegenic.”

At this rapid rate of ascent, Durda will be on the network news in no time. Watch out, Katie Couric.

October 25, 2007
Channel 3 loses top investigative reporter


Josh Bernstein, the only local-TV journalist whose job was strictly as an investigative reporter, is leaving Channel 3. He is said to be headed to a station in a larger market to be part of an investigative team.

Bernstein confirmed to us that he is leaving the station, but declined further comment. Anzio Williams, Channel 3's news director, did not immediately return a reporter's phone call.

However, we have obtained the memo that Williams sent to his staff Wednesday:

Congratulation to Josh Bernstein who has decided to move on from
KCRA-3/MY58. Josh came to Sacramento two years ago to help lead our
Investigative reporting unit. Josh's ability to dig deep for detailed
information on daily stories and his thoroughness on investigative stories
will be missed. We wish Josh the best as he moves forward with his career.
You still have time to say good-bye, his last day is Oct 31. A nationwide
search is currently underway to hire another I-Reporter.

October 24, 2007
Sac media and the SoCal fires


Sacramento Bee/Bryan Patrick/

A few notes on Sacramento's fire coverage in Southern California:

1) Nine photographs from Bee photographers Randy Pench, Bryan Patrick, Kevin German and Jose Luis Villegas will be featured tonight on the "CBS Evening News With Katie Couric." The show airs locally at 5:30 p.m. on Channel 13.

According to The Bee's director of photography, Mark Morris, a CBS producer saw The Bee's photo slide show on and was so impressed that she wanted to use the shots as "bumpers" between stories. That is, the photos will appear on the screen for about five seconds between stories and before heading into commercials. The Bee will receive credit for the photos at show's end.

2) Channel 3, in cooperation with the Sacramento chapter of the American Red Cross, will air a telethon for fire victims on Thursday. The telethon will run from 5 a.m. to 11:30 p.m., with KCRA providing live "cut-ins" throughout the day.

"Our viewers care very deeply about what is happening in Southern California," said KCRA president Elliott Troshinsky in a release. "This is merely a vehicle to help them offer whatever they can to assist those in need."

3) Kudos to News10 for making the decision to preempt "Jeopardy!" and go to "Wheel of Fortune" late on Tuesday night to cover Gov. Schwarzenegger's press conference. (Channel 13 did not preempt programming and Chanenl 3 covered it as part of its 6:30 p.m. news.)

No word from News10 honchos as to whether they heard from angry "Jeopardy!" fans - and whether those fans phrased their complaints in the form of a question - but News10 made the right call.

October 24, 2007
The Onion finds Folsom, floods it

Preemptive Memorial Honors Future Victims Of Imminent Dam Disaster

My favorite fake-news source - yes, even wittier than "The Daily Show" - is The Onion News Network, which pokes merciless fun at overwrought cable news and its sensationalistic coverage.

The most recent offering features the "impending" flooding in Folsom (yes, our Folsom) and the construction of a memorial in advance for the victims. There's some nice footage of Folsom Lake and computer-generated previews of the "inevitable" flooding.

Fake correspondent Brian Scott intones: "But this year, Sacramento County's government decided to act, budgeting $20,000 to construct a memorial for the victims of the inevitable tragedy."

Faux Folsom's "mayor," Joseph Sheridan, holds a press conference, saying, "I will take the full responsibility for the tragedy when it happens. I am tendering my resignation, effective the day the dam finally breaks."

Great, funny stuff. Enjoy.

October 23, 2007
Radio ratings roundup


Time again for another round of Arbitron ratings for our local radio stations. (Note: Arbitron, the ratings service, only released numbers for overall listening, ages 12-plus, to the media. Check it out here.)

Anyway, you can almost predict the reaction from the radio community. It seldom changes, book to book:

a) KFBK (1530 AM), which always wins overall and won again this time, will hear from jealous competitors who'll say, "Yeah, but five years ago, you were pulling in a 12 share."

Here's a highlight for KFBK: A source told us that, in the advertising-rich 25-to-54-year-old demographic, the station finished first in the 7 p.m.-to-midnight time slot, the first time that's happened in many years. KFBK's DJs/shows at night? Bruce Maiman (replacement for the fired Mark Williams) from 7-10 p.m. and then George Noory's "Coast to Coast." (He's the syndicated UFO-spotter).

b) Hip-hop station rivals KSFM (102.5 FM) and KBMB (103.5 FM) will try to spin the numbers to their advantage, as deftly as a DJ scratches out a beat. Only this time, the stations finished in a dead heat in 12-plus, in fifth place with a 4.2 rating.

c) In the country music showdown, KNCI (105.1 FM) still rules with a 4.0, but The Wolf (KNTY, 101.9 FM) is chipping away with a 2.9. KNCI, it should be noted, fell from 5.2 to 4.0 in one ratings book.

d) The End (KDND 107.9 FM) still shows no ill effects from the fatal water-drinking contest last January. The End finished second overall with a 4.6 rating.

e) Those stations which did not do well in the 12-plus category will say, "Sure, but you should see the demographic breakdowns. We did great with 18-to-34 year-old minivan-driving women with three kids who have asthma."

Speaking of which, Mix 96 (KYMX 96.1 FM) finished first overall among women in the 25-to-54 -- its prime age demographic.

Well, anyone who wants to leak release demo ratings that make their station look good (or the other guy look bad), you know where to find me.

October 23, 2007
Fleet of feet - and safe

Sacramento Bee/Renee Bonnafon

Now I'll be the first to admit I'm not the "outdoors" type. A brisk walk around the neighborhood is about the extent of my endeavors. But, I'm not oblivious to all the folks who run, jog, bike and hike the streets and trails in our area.

I see them all the time!

That said, you'll be excited to know that, even though it's out of my comfort zone, I'll be writing about how to be safe in what you wear and the equipment you use for nighttime exercising for The Bee's Outbound section on Nov. 1. Lucky for me, there are plenty of experts who know how to do it right.

In the meantime, we've got another week or so of daylight saving time before reverting back to standard time, when the days get really short. To help you get ready: Fleet Feet in midtown (2311 J St.) will be hosting an event at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday at the store for customers who want to check out reflective clothing and other gear.

It's called the Brooks Nightlife Run & Safety Seminar. The Nightlife clothing collection (pictured above) will be available for perusal. There also will be a raffle, a three-mile run/walk and a safety seminar. If you're interested, give them a call so you can get your name on the list. Call (916) 442-3338.
(If you just show up, you can still get in on the fun.)

By the way, I definitely am into comfort clothing (and comfort food). On Monday, I stopped by Fleet Feet Outdoor for Women (next door to Fleet Feet), and they've got a lot of great sweaters and cute shoes for more casual activities. My favorite items, however, were the Horny Toad label's Cashmoore vest and matching pants.

Maybe I will take up an outdoor sport, after all!

October 23, 2007
Jennifer Steele leaves KFBK for Mix 96


Jennifer Steele, one of the most versatile reporters/news readers in Sacramento, is jumping stations - from KFBK (1530 AM) to Mix 96 (KYMX 96.1 FM).

Steele (pictured), the host of the erstwhile noon news on KFBK and a capable fill-in for Kitty O'Neal on the afternoon news, said her goodbyes on the air late last week.

She's said to be joining the morning team at The Mix as the news reader, starting Nov. 1. But Steve Cottingim, general manager of CBS stations in Sacramento - of which Mix 96 is one - declined to comment. (Hint: There are still t's to cross and i's to dot on the contract.)

Filling in for Steele on KFBK and sister station KSTE (650 AM) is Bob Williams, according to KFBK operations manager Alan Eisenson.

This has been a rough month for KFBK. First, Tom Sullivan left for New York (Yes, yes, I know: He's still on the air, though syndicated), then Kelly Brothers announces that he'll leave the morning show at the end of December. Now, Steele moves on.

October 22, 2007
A.J. Stewart - Sac's ex-'Top Model' contestant - finds a Sure thing

Sure Cover Big.jpgWow, has it really been a year since Sacramento native A.J. Stewart was kicked off of "America's Next Top Model"?

Yep - and she's still modeling.

Yes, my dear Tyra Banks fans (OK, maybe not so much), even though Stewart told us at the time that she was relieved to have that whole stiletto-wearing ordeal behind her, the model bug apparently took a bit of a nibble out of the leggy 22-year-old.

In addition to gracing the cover of Supermodels Unlimited magazine this summer, Stewart's been modeling steadily in Asia. In fact, she's headed to Hong Kong this week for a bunch of gigs.

Stewart's mother tells us A.J.'s also got the cover of the Korea-based Sure, a magazine devoted to fashion and beauty.

Yes, that really is her - in a blonde wig.

As for this season's "Top Model" cycle, not sure if A.J. is watching, but I'm totally rooting for Heather.

October 22, 2007
More needs models

More-magazine.jpgOne of my favorite issues of More magazine is the one where it announces the winners of its nationwide model search. If you're not familiar with the pub, it's for women 40 and older. That means all the models and all the articles are targeted at this demographic, which would include me!

Anyway, this is the eighth annual search, which More conducts along with the Wilhelmina modeling agency. What are they looking for? Well, it isn't someone size 0. It's women 40 and over who are "beautiful, accomplished and confident."

There are open calls in various cities. None of the venues is close to Sacramento - unless you're up for traveling to the Talbots store in Las Vegas on Nov. 10. Otherwise, if you think you've got what it takes, you can enter online with More or Wilhelmina: click here or or here.

Online entries need to be completed by midnight Nov. 15.

You can also mail an entry (current photo and a $25 processing fee) to More/Wilhelmina Model Search, P.O. Box 9151, Garden City, N.Y., 11530-9151. Entries must be postmarked by Nov. 15 and received by Nov. 26.

So, what if you get picked as a Top 10 finalist? You get to go to the Big Apple (free, of course) to participate in the finals on Feb. 20, 2008. The top three winners will be decided by a panel of More editors, Wilhelmina agents and other fashion big wigs.

The big prize is a modeling contract and a huge spread in an issue of More, likely next spring. The hair-care products and clothes are bonus perks!

So, come on Sacramento, enter!

October 22, 2007
Another KSAC departure

Three weeks after Christine Craft's departure, liberal radio station KSAC (1240 AM) has lost another local voice - Douglas Everett (pictured at left).

Everett, host of "Radio Parallax" on Saturday nights, confirmed that he has parted ways with the station, but declined to comment further. His show, however, still can be heard at 5 p.m. Thursday nights on KDVS (90.3 FM), the student-run station at UC Davis.

Meanwhile, Everett will be filling in for Jeffrey Callison today on "Insight" - at 2 p.m. on KXJZ (90.9 FM).

For those keeping track at home, KSAC now is down to only one Sacramento-centric show - Popp Off (at 11 a.m. Saturdays), hosted by Mary Jane Popp.

October 19, 2007
'Darjeeling' addendum

darjeeling short.jpg

Full disclosure: The "Darjeeling Limited" press screening I attended offered an extra feature - the short film "Hotel Chevalier" played before the movie.

Made by "Darjeeling" director Wes Anderson, the short focuses on Jason Schwartzman's character and his estranged girlfriend (Natalie Portman, appearing briefly and tastefully in the nude - a tidbit already heavily reported on the Web).

Though the short differs in tone from "Darjeeling," it does offer special insight into Schwartzman's character, Jack, one of the three brothers traveling in India.

I didn't know when I saw the short that it wasn't included with every showing of "Darjeeling" in theaters. By then it was too late. You can't un-watch something you watched.

"Hotel Chevalier" had offered background information that colored my opinion of Schwartzman's character in "Darjeeling." Not so much that it affected my overall view of the film or my three-star rating, but it did have at least a modicum of influence.

So I would like to encourage people interested in "Darjeeling" to view "Hotel Chevalier" first. It's available for free on iTunes. It won't change your opinion of "Darjeeling," either. But it will enrich the experience.

October 19, 2007
Extreme makeover in Davis


The Purebeauty store in Davis is set to unveil a total makeover of its Oakshade Plaza location, 2191 Cowell Road, on Saturday. And, according to folks in the know, the transformation is phenomenal.

Now, who among us doesn't need a little pampering these days? (I know I do!) And this revamped store is supposed to be the utmost in indulgence.

The refurbishing includes salon stations for hair coloring, cutting and styling as well as a skin-care room. And the retail area will offer new product lines for both skin and hair.

Purebeauty is most proud of something called Beauty Metrix, a computer-based, personalized skin-and-hair analysis system. Want a consultation? Well, you'll find out your skin-oil levels and whether your skin is properly hydrated, which is soooo important in our local environment.

The computer will spit out an "unbiased" recommendation for either skin-care or hair-care products. Pick what you think you need.

Saturday's grand opening is an all-day affair with the following amenities:

* Hot-tool styling techniques (flat irons, blow dryers)
* Skin and hair consultations
* Hair-extension demos
* Color consultations

Customers will receive 20 percent off the price of all purchases Saturday only. Some of the Purebeauty lines include: Pureology, Murad, Bliss, Matrix, TIGI, OPI, Dermalogica and Paula Dorf. For more info: (530) 753-9123.

If you go, post a comment about it. I've got basketball!

October 18, 2007
Carla Meyer's Movie Picks

Every week in Friday's Weekend Ticket section, I review new movies and I recommend previously released ones. Can't wait to read it? Well, this feature now appears at 21Q each Thursday afternoon.

My picks among recently released movies:

Into the Wild
4 stars
Emile Hirsch makes his highly idealistic – and therefore potentially insufferable – character likable from the start. Though contemptuous of parents who dare to offer him a new car as a graduation gift, this young man is open toward people he meets on the road. It’s a plausible dichotomy in a person his age. But it is nature, not people, that truly inspires him. Hirsch’s face lights up at his character’s first glimpses of wide expanses and seascapes, then darkens during a stop in the city.
Rated R

Michael Clayton
3 1/2 stars


What makes this legal drama so compelling is that it exists almost entirely in murky areas. No one at the law firm for which Michael Clayton (George Clooney) serves as a “fixer” maintains that the chemical company it’s defending is squeaky-clean, only that it has the right to a defense. And Clooney, looking weary but more handsome than ever, gives his best lead performance to date.
Rated R

October 18, 2007
Krasny & Callison: Together at last

Sacramento Bee/Jose Luis Villegas and Randy Pench

In what shapes up as an epic tussle between local public radio giants, KXJZ (90.9 FM) "Insight" host Jeffrey Callison will interview KQED/KQEI (88.5/89.3 FM) "Forum" host Michael Krasny at 2 p.m Friday on Callison's home turf in Sac.

This is a must-listen, you NPR nerds.

Krasny (at left) will be appearing in Sacramento and Davis this weekend to promote his memoir, "Off Mike: A Memoir of Talk Radio and Literary Life." That's the reason he'll be with Callison, but I'm sure they'll trade interviewing secrets.

(Krasny, by the way, will be at the Avid Reader on 1600 Broadway in Sacramento at 5 p.m. Saturday, then drive down the road to the Avid Reader in Davis, 617 Second St., for a 7:30 signing.)

We wonder how many in KQEI's audience will bag the station's 2 p.m. airing of "The World" to catch Krasny on the competition.

To read a recent Media Savvy column on Krasny and his book, go here.

October 18, 2007
Mark S. Allen: Ripped in Ohio

I've taken some shots (OK, more than a few) at "Good Day Sacramento's" Mark S. Allen. So, last week, when I saw a clip of MSA browbeating Janet Jackson over the Super Bowl "wardrobe malfunction" that happened years ago, I sighed but decided to let it go.

You can only bash a guy so much, you know. Plus, the attention just encourages him and puffs up his sense of importance.

But it turns out that Allen's "interview" has made the rounds on the Internet and he's being ripped from West Sac to West Virginia.

Here's the lead to a Dayton (Ohio) Daily News column by Amelia Robinson, entirely devoted to MSA:

I don't know "Good Day Sacramento" anchor Mark S. Allen from a box of staples, but let me just say for the record: What a jerk.

Read the entire column, a classic rip job, here. She even brings up Allen's DUI conviction. Ouch!

Watch the Jackson interview clip here.

Watch MSA's "apology" to Jackson here.

October 18, 2007
Dresses to share

AOC_Fashion_BLOG.jpgAfter reading my profile of local designer Steven Willey (pictured left with model Kylie Deen in a photo by The Bee's Autumn Cruz) in The Bee on Wednesday, I received a very nice phone call from Jean Evans of Sacramento.

Jean, who is 81, chatted with me about how she liked the part of the story where Steven and his high school friend had "theme-day" attire when they were in high school at Rio Americano. She found his abundance of creativity quite charming.

She went on to say that her husband, who was a high school drama coach, was always on the lookout for unique apparel to use in his shows, so Jean did a lot of the shopping for him.

Today, she still has quite a few of those show dresses - some more than 40 years old.

"One is a very delicate blue velvet dress with buttons," she says. "I even have a long orange taffeta gown that I've always wanted to wear for Halloween. I wanted to be a witch, but I never got a black cape to go with it!"

Anyway, Jean was hoping that maybe Steven would like to take a look at these vintage dresses, perhaps even retool them for creations of his own. Personally, I wouldn't mind taking a crack at that orange gown myself. Witches are pretty popular this time of year!

To read the Scene story on Steven, click here.

October 17, 2007
Brothers update: He will leave KFBK anchor post

Finally caught up with Kelly Brothers, who says that his move to Channel 3 will mean he will give up anchoring the KFBK (1530 AM) morning news, alongside Amy Lewis.

Brothers says he will leave the show at the end of December, when his contract expires. But he will continue to provide business updates on KFBK, as well as for Channel 3.

We also learned this: KCRA will build Brothers a broadcast studio at his financial services firm - Genovese, Forman, Burford & Brothers.

Brothers says waking up at 3:50 a.m. during his four years hosting KFBK's signature show became a grind. When he starts at KCRA, his first report won't be until 6:25 a.m.

"Even before the whole Tom (Sullivan) thing broke, I told Alan (Eisenson, KFBK's operations manager) that I didn't want to do another summer of getting up that early," Brothers says.

“I’m leaving for my sanity. That extra hour and a half sleep I’ll get, cumulatively, will make me a happier person. But I’ll miss working with Amy and the gang. KFBK is a great gig.”

Brothers also says it was a difficult decision to leave News10("I had a great rapport with the morning team") for Channel 3, which is "an opportunity I can't pass up."

He adds: "I want to do the type of financial reporting that is consumer-friendly. I want to do stories that will impact people and their lives, and make both them and their children financially literate."

October 17, 2007
Putting new faces on the Gap


Now, who doesn't think their little darling (or darlings, as the case may be) is the cutest kid on the planet?

Well, the search is on! GapKids and babyGap are inviting parents to enter their kids, ages 5 to 12, and babies/toddlers ages 4 and under in the company's second annual casting call. It's a hunt for the 2008 "faces" for the two children's lines.

The contest is on through next Wednesday (Oct. 24). Parents can enter by visiting the Gap's Web site - click here - and access the link to the Kodak Gallery Contest Site. Just upload a cute pic of your cute kid.

Judges will narrow the contest to 20 finalists - 10 babies (five girls, five boys) for babyGap and 10 kids (five girls, five boys) for GapKids. They - along with their parents, of course - will be flown to San Francisco for a photo shoot.

Next month, on Nov. 20 to be exact, America gets a crack at the vote as the pictures are splashed online.

Four winners will be picked. The four (see Jon and Sarah, above, from this year) will be featured in store windows nationwide and make an appearance on Rachael Ray's show. Oh, and there's that added bonus of a year's worth of free duds for the kids.

Fire up the digital camera. Here's for some Sacramento winners!

October 17, 2007
Channel 3 fills Tom Sullivan's spot with Kelly Brothers


Channel 3, which has been without a financial analyst since Tom Sullivan moved to New York to work for the Fox Business Network, has picked a familiar face to replace him - Kelly Brothers.

Brothers spent 14 years with KCRA before leaving to become a morning news anchor for KFBK radio (1530 AM) nearly four years ago. In addition, Brothers used his master's degree in business to become a financial adviser. And, since January, 2006, Brothers has been doing two morning business reports for News10.

Brothers did not immediately return a phone call seeking comment on the move.

News10's loss is Channel 3's gain, and it comes two weeks before the start of the November "sweeps" period.

KCRA news director Anzio Williams says Brothers will start next week and will be "a major part of our morning news and Web site." Brothers also will do special reports for Channel 3's evening news.

"We’re very happy to have him back," Williams says. "We think this is going to be big. The entire staff is excited. We’re looking to change the way we report on business in this market. I’ve been telling folks it’s not about Wall Street as much as it’s about families and their financial struggles and the different challenges they run into.

"Kelly can add his busines expertise to his television experience."

Russell Postell, general manager of News10, says he wishes Brothers well. Postell says Brothers worked on a freelance basis for News10, so therefore did not have the standard "non-compete clause" forbidding him for working for a competitor.

"Kelly is an excellent person and we enjoyed worknig with him," Postell says. "I still think Kelly is actually a better fit with News10 than (Channel 3). He embodies what News10 is about (that is, connecting with the community)."

Postell says Brothers did not seek a better deal from News10.

"Kelly's not that kind of guy," Postell says. "He didn't pit one against the other. He just said this is what he wants to do and we respect that."

Alan Eisenson, operations manager at KFBK, said in an e-mail that Brothers will continue to anchor the KFBK morning news.

October 17, 2007
Garth Brooks in Sacramento - well, sorta

Garth Brooks Press Conferen.jpgSo Garth Brooks isn't going to physically be in Sacramento anytime soon - but you can still catch him live in concert. Kind of.

Actually, more than 300 cities can see him live in one night. Again with the "kind of" attached.

Brooks, who hasn't toured in nearly a decade, will perform in Kansas City, Mo., on Nov. 14, and - here's the thing - fans around the U.S. can watch a live simulcast of the performance at their hometown theaters.

In Sacramento, the concert will be shown at the Century Stadium 14 (1590 Ethan Way), the Century Downtown Plaza 7 (445 Downtown Plaza), the Natomas Marketplace Stadium 16 (3561 Truxel Road), and the Century Roseville 14 (1555 Eureka Road).

Showtime is 6 p.m. PST and tickets - $10 with a 10-ticket-limit per person - go on sale at noon Friday through or the participating theaters.

October 16, 2007
KSAC on Christine Craft departure

Update on Christine Craft, who last week annouced she was departing lefty talk radio station KSAC (1240 AM):

KSAC owner Paula Nelson, whom we couldn't reach last week when we posted the news about Craft, has piped up now.

Nelson says she didn't want to oust Craft, but said it wasn't financially prudent to keep her on the air for three hours during afternoon drive-time with what Nelson called low ratings.

"One of the things people need to understand is that shows come and go, but this is a very competitive market and when you have one of the lowest-rated shows in the afternoon drive, you have to reassess," Nelson says.

"(Craft) made it sound as if we were having financial problems. No, the problem was paying someone whose numbers were in the toilet.

"Morning and afternoon drives have to be the strongest parts of your day. Now, if she’d wanted the midday (slot), we could’ve negotiated that."

Craft's ratings against other Sacramento stations in the 3-to-7 p.m. hours were not available. (Arbitron doesn't release its figures to the media.) However, The Bee recently acquired the Arbirton figures showing how Craft performed against KSAC's syndicated liberal talkers in the 25-plus category.

Stephanie Miller, the morning host, finished ahead of Craft overall, but Craft rated higher among 25-plus women listeners. Craft's numbers were better than Ed Schultz (late morning) and Randi Rhodes (midday).

Nelson says she understands listeners' concerns about not having a local voice for liberal views on Sacramento radio.

But will she replace Craft with a new hire rather than a syndicated talker?

"I’d like to," she says. "I'm keeping my ears open. I’m hoping somebody who can be a good fit and bring in some good numbers will contact us."

October 16, 2007
Download free Bright Light Fever tracks

Two-fer Tuesdays are so five minutes ago - local band Bright Light Fever is offering up four free tracks for downloading on its MySpace page.

The tracks are:

Te Voy a Matar
Norman Bates
Welcome To Your Doom

The tracks were recorded at a friend's house in Billings, Mont., and that first track, in my humble opinion, totally makes good on the Pixies' influence on the band. In any case, they'll only be up for free downloading for a short time, so get 'em while you can.

Also: Bright Light Fever is embarking on a U.S. tour later this year and you can catch them Nov. 19 at the Boardwalk (9426 Greenback Lane, Orangevale) with Portugal The Man; tickets are $12. For more info, visit

October 16, 2007
A towering gesture by Channel 3

Perhaps inspired by The Bee's recent "Green Week" (yeah, right!), Channel 3 is letting scientists from Lawrence Berkeley Lab use its 1,600-foot transmission tower to measure greenhouse gas emissions.

As Kevin Riggs reports, the monitoring system will team with another placed on a tower in the Bay Area to determine how emissions come from the notorious polluters there compared to us clean-and-green folks here in Sacramento.

KCRA: Where the environment comes first?

October 15, 2007
Look ahead to winter

DONCASTER_HANDBAG.JPGLast month, I strolled down the street from The Bee to peruse the fall collection of Doncaster women's apparel.

Beautiful, beautiful clothing! Especially if you appreciate quality fabrics and great design.

Doncaster representatives Marilyn Park and Cathy Taylor showed me everything from jackets to skirts to trousers - and plenty of accessories (like the handbag shown above).

Well, the winter collection is now ready for viewing. So today through Saturday, you can check out what's in store for the months ahead, including must-haves for the holidays.

The trends include: jewel tones to pair with grays and blacks; "statement" coats; high-heel pumps (you can walk in them!); sexy blouses (read: ruffles and bows), and mega-watt metallics.

The Doncaster collection is shown by appointment only at 2015 Q St. Here are the numbers to call to set up a time:

* Marilyn Park: (916) 217-6444
* Cathy Taylor: (916) 529-3038
* Marilyn Parish: (916) 806-9620

October 15, 2007
Horror film fest to debut in Sac

Tim Meunier got tired of traveling to film festivals in Los Angeles and elsewhere to meet his horror demands. Those events lacked the character of film festivals that Meunier had attended in Sacramento.

"What I like about local film festivals is that they're very interactive," says Meunier, 28, citing the Sacramento Film & Music Festival in particular. Like that annual event, Meunier's inaugural Sacramento Horror Film Festival, running Friday through Sunday, will feature live bands and Q&A sessions along with short- and- feature-length films.

Horror films are as plentiful as black cats in October, when studios are rolling out such titles as "30 Days of Night" and "Saw IV." But the Sacramento Horror Film Festival, at the Colonial Theatre on Stockton Boulevard, will offer personal touches that multiplex horror movies cannot, its founder says.


"You can meet the Candyman, an icon of horror," Meunier says of actor Tony Todd (pictured at left), who embodied the urban legend in the 1992 film. Tony Moran, who played Michael Myers in the original "Halloween," also will appear at the festival.

Costumes are encouraged, and programs will carry themes. Friday night's lineup will unspool under the banner "The Vomit Show," complete with paper sickness bags for all patrons. These might actually come in handy during the feature film "Neighborhood Watch," which Meunier says is the most gruesome film he's ever seen.

"We dare people not to to use them," Meunier says of the gross-out party favors.

So, if that's the kind of challenge you've been waiting for, advance tickets are available at R5 Records. For more information on the festival, just click here.

October 12, 2007
Way to sell it, Michael

It's been a while since I've checked in on the blog musings of News10 assistant news director Michael Langley, whose posts often provide insight into the station's decision-making process. (No punch line: I like his offerings.)

So, what do I find this week from Langley?

Well, on Monday, he blogs about the fatigue of working (at least) an 11-hour day.


Now I'm here at 8pm just trying to finish up things I needed to do. Today things. Not projects or anything like that. I have no idea if your job is the same. If so, now you know YOU'RE not alone. Dang. (Sorry, this post had no value as a window into a journalism world but I had to vent to you.)

Then, the very next day, Langley posts a blog entry titled, "Want a job?" News10 apparently is looking for an assignment editor and a planning editor.

Hint to applicants: Be ready to work at least 11 hours a day and to go home dog-tired. Then again, you will be "committed and connected" to the community - or, at least, to the newsroom vending machines.

After all, the unwritten rule is: You can't leave work until after the boss leaves.

October 12, 2007
Mark S. Allen: Confirmed 'Blurb Whore'


My, my. We should be so proud here in Sacramento. A recent Washington Post story on "blurb whore" movie reviewers devoted two whole paragraphs to "Good Day Sacramento's" own Mark S. Allen. Allen, as you may know, has apparently never met a studio movie (or a free junket to L.A., New York or London) he didn't like.

Paul Farhi of The Post writes:

There are, in fact, nearly 200 stations across the country affiliated with CBS, and many have their own on-air movie reviewers. Among them is Mark S. Allen, who co-hosts the local morning show on KOVR-TV in Sacramento, which is owned by CBS. But you wouldn't know that from movie ads that carry Allen's frequent raves. ...

Since he also works for Sacramento's KMAX-TV, which carries programming from the CW network, Allen might be credited as a "CW" reviewer. Sometimes he's a two-fer. Newspaper ads for the recent Disney bomb "Underdog" carried Allen's comment - "See this movie. Do not fail" - and listed him as a critic for "CW/CBS Stations." Which is true, but only sort of.

Now, we've known about this for years. But it's nice to see MSA get, uh, recognition for his "blurb whoring" on a national scale.

Actually, it's not the first time. Allen, it seems, is renown for his blurbability. Both and Flak magazine have touted MSA's ability to kiss up to the studios.

Not only that, but the industry trade publication Variety reported in 2001 that when the watchdog group Citizens for Truth in Movie Advertising filed suit in Los Angeles Superior Court against movie studios, charging false advertising, Allen was one of the reviewers cited as being a blurb offender. The Variety of July 15, 2001 says:

The complaints, filed in L.A. Superior Court by four individuals and a group called Citizens for Truth in Movie Advertising, allege the ads failed to disclose that some reviewers quoted had some or all of their expenses, including airfare, meals and hotels, paid for by the studios.

The complaint names Maria Salas (Telemundo/Gems Television), Jim Ferguson (The Dish Network), Jeff Craig (Sixty Second Preview), Mark S. Allen (KMAX-TV, Sacramento), Ron Brewington (American Urban Radio Network) and Earl Dittman (Wireless magazine) as examples of reviewers frequently quoted in newspaper and TV ads. The six are not defendants in the suit.

So, something to keep in mind when MSA tells us to "run, not walk" to the latest "feel-good hit!"

October 12, 2007
Strike two: The Pipettes cancel Sacramento show

So, the other day I e-mailed Abstract Entertainment show promoter Brian McKenna, asking him for contact info on the Pipettes.

"Let me try to be the kiss of death on the Pipettes," I wrote - a joking reference to how my love for the now-cancelled Jenny Owen Youngs show had apparently killed it dead.

Well, guess who just got a phone call saying that, yes, the Pipettes have cancelled their Oct. 28 show. Reason: They're going to shoot a video that day instead.

"Guess that (kiss of death) worked," McKenna says in his voicemail.

Wow, I'm two for two - who wants to be next? C'mon, bring it.

Oh yeah, and if you've already purchased Pipettes tix, you know the drill: Refunds are available at place of purchase.

October 12, 2007
A fashionable Second Saturday

furry.jpgDon't let a few raindrops prevent you from making plans for Second Saturday. The Bee's forecast calls for the inclement weather to move out, and that means a good day - and evening - for shopping.

Here's what I see as the best bets:

* Beauty and the Furry Fashion Show: Felicia Strati Boutique and 4 Paws Pet Boutique team for this event, which will feature models of both the two-legged and four-legged variety.

As you can probably guess, this is a popular show (the last one is shown, left, in a photo by John Phillips) that highlights fashions for women and pets. And all for a good cause - Shriners Hospitals for Children.

For a $10 donation, attendees can see the show, visit the VIP tent (wine and hors d'ourves) and enjoy music by DJ Supa C Munky. The models' hair will be done by a new salon, Apartment 19. Other sponsors include Bali Wine Bar and Grill, China Cafe, Revolution Wines, Tirzah's desserts, L Street Lofts, Urban Hound Properties, L Wine Lounge and Urban Kitchen, Zocalo and Restaurant 55 Degrees.

Sounds like eating will be just as big a deal as the fashions. Check it out at 1901 Capitol Ave., starting at 6:30 p.m.

* Happy anniversary: Just down the street from the fashion show, the boutique Le Petit Paris (1221 19th St.), which brings a touch of the City of Lights to the City of Trees, will mark its second anniversary. Owner Tassina Placencia says she's always been inspired by Paris and has "dreamed of bringing a bit of it home."

Tassina now visits Paris several times a year to shop for her store and to lead shopping tours for customers. So what will you find in her shop? Women's and children's designer clothing, designer accessories and toys, and really wonderful-smelling home accents.

The celebration is from 6 to 9 p.m.

* Trunk show: I've been eagerly awaiting this event, a C&C California trunk show. This one will be from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday at Serendipity Boutique, 5362 H St.

I checked with the store earlier this week, and they say the plan is to have items we Sacramentans can't easily get our hands on, i.e., cashmere tops and plenty of those comfy layering tees. Don't miss it!

* Tempting offer: Lush Salon & Spa will host a Tempt Me Tease Me fashion show from 6 to 9 p.m. at the salon, 2000 I St. Designer Adrienne Cheng will present her Reject clothing line. The featured artist will be Sol Collective Gallery.

Of course, Lush will be doing hair and makeup for the models with an assist from Spanish Fly Hair Garage. The event is free; the fashion show starts at 8 p.m.

October 11, 2007
In memoriam

Sacramento Bee/Michael A. Jones

As many of you know, Ivan Sandoval, who made such a lasting, necessary mark in Sacramento theater as a producer, director and actor, passed away on Sept. 25.

While there has already been a memorial Mass at St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church, where Ivan directed the choir, a theater-based tribute is being planned for later this month at CSUS. (Along with complete details of that event, being organized by Adrienne Sher, I also will have a more in-depth appreciation of Ivan later this month.)

Just after Ivan’s death, I was able to spend some time with John Beaudry, Ivan’s long-time professional partner at the legendary Show Below, where the two oversaw so much memorable theater. (That's John in the photo above with Ivan, at left, working on "The Gospel At Colonus.") Beaudry now lives in Korea, but he e-mailed me recently and here is a bit of what he wrote:

“I think about Ivan daily and thankful doesn’t begin to capture what my heart feels. For me, theater is now finished. Collaborations of that intensity rarely even happen once, much less again. And after experiencing that level of 'the thing,' I’m not about to start 'settling' now. Ivan, of all people, would understand.”

If you have thoughts or memories about Ivan, feel free to share them here.

October 11, 2007
Christine Craft out at KSAC


Christine Craft, who's been Sacramento's lone lefty radio talk show host, says she has parted ways with KSAC (1240 AM).

Craft, who has been on "vacation" since early September, had been scheduled to return this month. But she says she could not reach a contract agreement with station owner Paula Nelson. (Nelson could not be reached for comment today.)

Peter B. Collins, a syndicated host, took over Craft's 3-to-6 p.m. slot in September.

"Paula Nelson offered me a one-hour program starting in November if I can find sponsors," Craft says. "But I'm not really a salesperson. I'm a lawyer and a media person. So, I'm basically unemployed now.

"I have very much enjoyed three years of working at KSAC and getting the local progressive community organized and active. And I have nothing bad to say about Paula. I'm glad she gave me the opportunity."

Craft had been at KSAC for three years; she was the last remaining local talk show host on the station.

October 11, 2007
Carla Meyer's Movie Picks

Every week in Friday's Weekend Ticket section, I review new movies and I recommend previously released ones. Can't wait to read it? Well, this feature now appears at 21Q each Thursday afternoon.

My picks among recently released movies:

Eastern Promises
3 stars
Viggo Mortensen always has been magnetic, but never more so than in his role as Nikolai, the Russian-born driver for a mobster named Kirill (Vincent Cassel). Nikolai is not just great-looking (though in a decidedly been-to-prison way), but smart and decisive. Superior to Kirill in every way, he doesn't take guff from his boss but doesn't cross the line into disrespect.
Rated R

Into the Wild
4 stars
intothewild The young and wandering hero (Emile Hirsch) of director Sean
's breathtaking, compassionate film seeks adventure while also trying to escape his past. That past intrudes when strangers inquire about his parents, gently urging him to contact his family. It's always clear that this is the type of single-minded journey that can be celebrated only when embarked upon by a young person. An older man, with more emotional attachments and fewer childhood-based resentments, would be less likely to take such a trip - and less sympathetic if he did.
Rated R

The Jane Austen Book Club
3 stars
It doesn't seem like a movie featuring such a large, accomplished cast would lend itself to scene-stealing. But Emily Blunt ("The Devil Wears Prada") stands out with her multilayered performance as Prudie, a high school French teacher who fancies herself more intellectual than everyone else.
Rated PG-13

October 11, 2007
Jenny Owen Youngs out, the Pipettes in (Sacramento, that is)

Apparently, my insane happiness over the news that Jenny Owen Youngs was going to play Harlow's in November was too much for the universe because it imploded and Youngs cancelled her Sacramento date for scheduling reasons.

Boo. Refunds available at place of purchase, blah, blah, blah.

But, in happier news, we're getting another great show as a consolation prize. U.K. band the Pipettes is set to play Oct. 28 at Harlow's.

The Pipettes are sort of like Amy Winehouse - all '60s girl group glorious, times three - but without all the annoying eyeliner and potentially troublesome rehab issues.

Tickets are $12 and on sale now through R5 Records, The Beat, Dimple Records, Armadillo Music, and

October 10, 2007
No trick: Britney Spears to release new album Oct. 30

MTV Awards Show.jpg
Say what you will about Britney Spears' dismal performance on the MTV Video Music Awards in September (and we have), but the girl still knows how to cut a single.

"Gimme More," which Spears debuted on the VMAs, is catchy, tight and in-your-face. Heck, those qualities came through despite her lackluster appearance (pictured) - thank goodness for lip-syncing, y'know?

Now, with "Gimme More" perched atop both the iTunes digital singles chart and Billboard's Hot Digital Songs, Spears' label, Jive Records, has announced it's moving the release of her album "Blackout" up to Oct. 30. The singer's fifth album was originally scheduled for release on Nov. 13.

A Jive press release cites "numerous unauthorized online leaks" as the reason for the change.

Now, I'm not saying that I know anything about those unauthorized leaks but -and this is totally just speculation, y'all - let's just say I did maybe hear the new album. My guess is that you might actually like it.

(Hey, as a music writer, it wouldn't be outside the realm of possibility for me to know people who know people who, um, know other people who, every now and then, could send a copy of something or other cross my desk. I'm just sayin'.)

That said, if the songs I'm hearing are what actually turn up on "Blackout," well, all I can say is, welcome back Brit-Brit. (This, with news that Spears is reportedly patching up her relationship with her mother - well, it's enough to bring a tear to my normally jaded pop culture eye).

Not every song's a slam-dunk - Spears' thin and breathy voice sometimes has to compete too much with the aggressive dance beats - but the tracks that are good are actually really good.

In addition to "Gimme More," also of note are: "Cold as Fire," with Brit recalling early Madonna (i.e. kind of squeaky, but charmingly so) over guilty pleasure pop hooks and lyrics such as "I'm as cold as fire baby / hot as nice / if you've ever been to heaven baby this is twice as nice."

On "Everybody," Spears samples the Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" with sassy aplomb.

But my fave so far is "What Ya Sippin On" - a little drinking tune with guest rapper AC throwing off lines such as "I'm with Brit, while K-Fed is watching the kids."

And OK, maybe she shouldn't let her parenting coach hear that track.

October 10, 2007
What would Holly do?


When a new ensemble (read: dress and coat) isn't in the budget, what's a gal to do for an instant wardrobe update?

Buy shoes and a purse, of course!

And, starting this Sunday and running through Dec. 16 (just in time for the holidays), Target is teaming with designer Holly Dunlap to launch her Hollywould label of accessories.

This will be the third partnership in a series of limited-time-only accessories introduced by the mass-market retailer. And I predict that you're going to love this one.

There are "day" and "evening" collections, both featuring shoes and handbags. Daytime looks include totes and pouches in shades of tan and denim. Night-time looks include peep-toes, slides and round-toe pumps in punchy colors like red, pink - even black lace! Each are embellished with Holly's signature Hollywould bow. And there are coordinating evening clutches, too.

Each item in the evening grouping is named after a famous actress. The satin peep-toe pump (above) is called "Grace," and the matching ruffle clutch is called "Mansfield."

All the shoes - that's right, all of them - are $29.99 each. Handbags range in price from $19.99 to $49.99.

Got a little black dress? Then these are your must-have accessories!

October 10, 2007
'Daily Show' or local TV news: Part 16


Channel 13's Chris Burrous, who hosts a morning show that is significantly ratings-challenged, thrives on self-parody.

So it was hard to tell whether he was completely goofing or not when he appeared on Sunday's "Good Day Sacramento" to beg viewers to tune in to his show to save his job.

Bald-faced begging, be it with a wink or entirely sincere, always gets our attention. First, Burrous showed the ratings from last Friday, in which his Channel 13 morning show delivered a 0.6 rating. The competition: Channel 3 had a 4.5 ratings; News10 a 2.6.

Then Burrous pulled his best Stephen Colbert-hardened newsman's face and said: "Let me tell you, if I can get a one-shot from camera six. (Pause) Job's on the line. I don't know if I'm going to get to stay, because if these numbers don't get better soon, out the door...."

Later, Burrous pretended to call people randomly from the phone book, begging them to watch his show. Here's the clip.

Can't you just smell the desperation?

October 9, 2007
Adrian Tomine on Pop Candy

shortcomings_.JPG OK, first a gripe. I wanted to interview Adrian Tomine- the Sacramento- born- and- bred comic book/graphic novelist whose new book, "Shortcomings" (Drawn & Quarterly, $16, 108 pages), just hit shelves.

But Tomine, who lives in Brooklyn, only wanted to chat via e-mail, which is usually not the preferred method of interviewing 'round these parts.

Then, I surfed on over to the Drawn & Quarterly site and discovered that Tomine's book tour is totally bypassing his hometown. Um, Sac's only 90 minutes from Berkeley (where Tomine will read on Nov. 15 at Cody's Book Store). What's up with that?

But, enough about me and how I'll be nursing my reporterly wounds for the next couple of days - all you need to know is that one of my favorite bloggers has just posted a great podcast with Tomine. (See, I can be big about these things).

Whitney Matheson, who writes the awesome Pop Candy blog for USA Today, interviewed Tomine about the book, race, pop culture and the possibility of a movie based on Tomine's "Optic Nerve" series.

Check out Matheson's blog entry. From there, you can download the podcast from iTunes or stream it as a Windows Media file.


October 9, 2007
Baubles from Barcelona


There is soooo much going on during this weekend's Second Saturday that I figured it was my duty to start spreading the word early - and often.

To begin: Carole Koblik, owner of Arareity Jewelry & Art Glass Gallery, will be hosting one of the highlight events. It's a special showing of the Masriera line of artistic jewelry (pictured). The work has been shown internationally, and Carole is super excited to to have the line here in Sactown at her gallery, 1021 R St.

There will actually be a special two-day showing of the Masriera line at Arareity, beginning with private appointments from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Friday. And then, on Saturday, there will be an open showing from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Carole sent me some background info on Masriera, which is considered an 18-karat gold- and- enamel line reminiscent of the exquisite Lalique collection. The line has been in production since 1839 in Barcelona, Spain. She says Masriera recently was featured at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

And now, it'll be here!

For more information or to schedule a viewing: (916) 446-1535.

October 9, 2007
Blue Man Group to play Sacramento

bluemanlookingup.JPGBreaking Blue Man Group news! Fans of the wacky performance ensemble - you know, the ones where the players are literally painted blue - should be tickled pink to learn that the group's latest tour, How to be a Megastar 2.0, will land at Arco Arena on Jan. 18.

I know, I know, so far away.

No ticket details yet - but what I want to know is, will "Arrested Development"'s Tobias finally (finally!) get his chance to shine as an understudy? Stay tuned.

October 8, 2007
Get fit!

BRA.jpgAs Breast Cancer Awareness Month rolls along, the delicate subject of getting the right fit (as in bras) is something to think about - along with monthly self-exams.

All this week (through Friday), the Wacoal company is sponsoring Fit for the Cure events at local Macy's stores.

(Research shows that an amazing eight out of 10 women are still wearing the wrong-sized bra. That said, it's not a bad idea to be professionally measured once a year to ensure bra size has not changed. After all, whose bod is the same as it was 12 months ago?)

Here's what you'd get: a complimentary fitting in either a Wacoal, DKNY Underwear or Donna Karan Intimates bra. You'll also receive a monthly e-mail reminder to do a self-exam. Plus, for every woman who participates, Wacoal will donate $2 to Susan G. Komen For the Cure, with an additional $2 for every bra purchased.

Here are times and dates for the events:

* 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday at Macy's Arden Fair.
* 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday at Macy's at the Roseville Galleria.
* 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday at Macy's Sunrise Birdcage.
* 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday at Macy's Downtown Plaza.

More news: A store called At Last ... Bra & Lingerie in Town & Country Village (Fulton and Marconi avenues) was recently profiled in Body magazine, which focuses on trends in the intimate-apparel industry. The boutique specializes in high-quality European bras and, of course, the perfect fit.

At Last is also teaming with the Komen foundation with its Buy a Bra for Breast Cancer event this month. For more info: (916) 480-9501.

October 8, 2007
Sactown gets dissed in NYT

Everybody seems to get excited when Sacramento gets a mention nationally, so I've got to point out a really random mention in Sunday's New York Times Magazine.

Author Robert Sullivan ("Rats," "Cross Country") was commissioned to do a loooong piece on director Todd Haynes' Dylan-inspired movie. When talking about the different film styles and film stock used for the different time periods in the movie, Sullivan wrote:

...(Christian) Bale's born-again Dylan would be filmed in the bad-TV video that befits a Sacramento, Calif., church basement.

Now, was that really necessary? Sullivan could've chosen any middling American city to mock, but Sactown apparently seemed like the perfect punchline. You know, I'm sure our church basements aren't any more dingy and our video capabilities any less professional than, say, those in Peoria.

Of course, Sullivan once "praised" Sacramento in a Jan. 2007 New York Times op-ed, in which he praised our light rail and urged New York to build one on 42nd Street. The tone was, if even Sacramento can do it, why not New York?

October 8, 2007
Channel 3 gets a new reporter


Channel 3, which has been down a few reporters/anchors in recent months, has hired Damany Lewis. Lewis, who will be a general-assignment reporter, comes to Sacramento from WXII in Winston-Salem, N.C., the 46th-largest market in the nation. (Sacramento is No. 20). Both KCRA and WXII are owned by Hearst-Argyle.

(Now, if KCRA can only find a 6 p.m. anchor to replace John Alston. It's only, like, been almost a year.)

"When they called me up about the position in Sacramento, I was flattered. It's an exciting time, and busy. I'm going to miss this place, but it's part of the business," Lewis told the Winston-Salem Journal. "You move on. You try to leave your mark someplace, do good work, and you hope viewers appreciate what you do."

Lewis made some national news a few years ago for his coverage of Hurricane Ophelia. During a stand-up, the wind blew so hard that his hat went flying - and Lewis almost did, too. Scroll down on to view the video.


October 5, 2007
KVIE lands a big one

Whoa, we've heard about generous donations to local public TV station Channel 6 (KVIE) in the past, but this one's a doozy.

On Monday at Morey Elementary School, Joe and Gavin Maloof, along with some Kings players, will be handing over a $100,000 check to KVIE as this year’s beneficiary of the George J. Maloof Sr. Community Cup. The donation will help support KVIE’s Literacy Initiative.

This is the ninth nonprofit the Maloofs have financially supported. But, apparently, it's not just money. Joe and Gavin and a few players will read to the Morey students after Monday's ceremony.

Hey, for a hundred grand, the Maloofs better get one heckuva tote bag as a thank-you gift from KVIE.

October 5, 2007
A wedding 'Today' style


Weddings - even the ones on TV (real or on soaps) - make me cry. So, as expected, I shed a few tears this morning as NBC's "Today" show threw another of its celebrated outdoor weddings (the eighth) at Rockefeller Plaza in New York.

The couple? Well, they're just about the cutest twosome ever. Cody and Jessica from Mesa, Ariz., (pictured) tied the knot in front of about 100 friends and family members - and probably millions of us watching from home with a cup of coffee in our pjs!

The twist this time around is that the show teamed up with none other than wedding diva Martha Stewart, who helped select all the essentials that America voted on for the big day, i.e., wedding rings, wedding gown, wedding party attire and wedding cake.

Her staff even decorated the reception venue - Tiffany & Co. - for a "Breakfast at Tiffany's"-style gathering after the ceremony. Mini bloody marys and Tiffany's signature pale blue-rimmed glasses filled to the brim with champagne were on the menu.

It was the first time ever the famed Fifth Avenue jewelry store was the site for a reception.

The only thing Martha didn't have a hand in were the honeymoon destinations we voted for. FYI: The lucky couple is headed to the Seychelles islands in the Indian Ocean. Guess they don't need a chaperone, huh?

Jessica and Cody are likely the youngest couple to wed on the morning show. She's 23; he's 22, but it was love at first sight when they met schlepping meat and potatoes at a steakhouse in Arizona.

And, from a fashion standpoint, Jessica was certainly one of the loveliest brides ever. And, because she's young, America picked a Cinderella-worthy strapless ball gown designed by Reem Acra that featured a ton of hand beading and embroidery (you could see it on TV) and a chapel-length train. Heck, Jessica could be the next Cinderella!

The bridesmaids' dresses were in an appropriately fall-like shade of ginger (knee-length) and designed by Watters & Watters. Cody and his stable of groomsmen looked dapper in two-button suits in heather gray cashmere flannel with a white cotton broadcloth shirt and point collar designed by none other than "Project Runway" judge Michael Kors

If you forgot to TiVo or just want more details about the wedding, it will be featured in the winter issue of Martha Stewart Weddings magazine, which hits newsstands on Dec. 24.

October 4, 2007
Carla Meyer's Movie Picks

Every week in Friday's Weekend Ticket section, I review new movies and I recommend previously released ones. Can't wait til Friday? Well, this feature now also appears at 21Q each Thursday afternoon.

My picks among recently released movies:

Across the Universe
2 1/2 stars

Julie Taymor’s Beatles musical goes on too long and lags in stretches, but some production numbers are truly magical. At its best moments, the film mixes great sophistication with goofy charm. (Check out Eddie Izzard, pictured, as Mr. Kite.)
Rated PG-13

Eastern Promises
3 stars

Anna (Naomi Watts), a midwife tangling with mobsters, isn’t a criminal, but that doesn’t mean she’s easily put off. Watts has played amateur sleuths and/or imperiled women for much of her career, yet she still lends a freshness to Anna’s determination and naivete. She also shows tremendous chemistry with Viggo Mortensen, who plays an enigmatic mob chauffeur.
Rated R

3:10 to Yuma
3 1/2 stars

As loyal second to criminal mastermind Ben Wade (Russell Crowe), Ben Foster looks like Billy the Kid as outfitted by the wardrobe person for Velvet Revolver. Foster goes big with his performance – a gambit that works surprisingly well as counterpoint to the more subtle work by Crowe and Christian Bale.
Rated R

October 4, 2007
Sweeps months being swept away?

broom and dust.jpg

When the press release landed in my in-box today, I almost couldn't believe it. Best news all year.

In November, 2008 - a little more than a year from now - Nielsen Media Research will install electronic Local People Meters to measure ratings in Sacramento.

What this will mean to you, the viewer, is that those local TV news sweeps during the months of November, February and May will be history. See, these LPMs measure ratings continuously, thus enabling TV stations to avoid stacking all their ratings bells and whistles into three months of the year.

Be still my heart! This is fabulous news. Now, the TV newscasts will have to put their best stuff on the air all year round.

Before I commenced dancing a celebratory jig around my desk, I e-mailed Bruno Cohen, president of channels 13 and 31, to ask about the advent of LPMs.


Bruno (at right) sure knows how to deliver a buzz kill.

He writes back: "The LPM's operate 24/7/365 and will, over time, create an environment in which the traditional rating periods will be de-emphasized. But the cyclical nature of the ad business continues to be very influential.

"Remember that ad time is sold in advance, not the day of air, so historical performance is a key to understanding how pricing is negotiated. The February, May and November ratings periods continue to be important in the markets that have had LPMs for years."

Uh-oh. Sounds like we might still have to watch scare-inducing "special reports" after November, 2008.

Stay tuned.

October 4, 2007
Ushering in new scents

USHER-FRAGRANCE-UNVEILING.jpgGrammy winner Usher (Raymond, pictured) is making the rounds (read: New York hot spots) to promote his new fragrances, appropriately named Usher - for both men and women.

The fragrances will officially launch Friday at all Macy's locations - yes, including those in the Sacramento/Roseville area. And, as if you need extra incentive to take a sniff, introductory gifts will be handed out with a purchase: a black handbag for women and a black duffle for men (while supplies last, of course).

UsherBottleShot.jpgPrices? Usher for women is an eau de parfum spray, which comes in two sizes (pictured) - 1.7 ounces ($52) and 3.4 ounces ($68). For men, there's an eau de toilette spray, also in two sizes - 1.7 ounces ($50) and 3.4 ounces ($65).

Oh, and there's also body lotion ($38) and body wash ($35) to complement the Usher women's fragrance. For men, additional items include an after-shave tonic ($45), after-shave smoother ($40) and a deodorant stick ($16).

The entire Usher line is also available online. Click here.

October 3, 2007
Restrain yourselves!


So that silly contest that "Good Day Sacramento" weekend anchors Taryn Winter Brill and Cody Stark have been waging - called "Anchor Obsession," in which Brill openly lusts after late-night talk show host Craig Ferguson and Stark after singer Dolly Parton - reached a new level the other night.

For a second time, Brill got some national exposure on "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson." View it here.

Ferguson is playing along nicely. But you've got to think that, in the back of his mind, he's fretting that Brill's "obsession" might be the real deal. As he said of Brill in his monolgue, "I think it's getting a little stalkery."

October 3, 2007
Handbags that help

39015_LBFA07_02_v1.JPGRaise your hands if you need a new handbag for fall.

Aha. That's a lot of you. So make some time on Saturday for an event sponsored by the Salvation Army Women's Auxiliary. It's the third annual Helping Handbags Luncheon, which combines style with a heaping helping of heart!

The event features handbags donated from various local - and even international - celebs, including a Prada bag from Joyce Raley Teel and a bag from reknowned photographer Anne Geddes.

KFBK's Kitty O'Neal will serve as the event's emcee as well as auctioneer.

Chairwoman Krista Noonan called to say there would be at least 250 handbags available via both live and silent auctions. At least 95 percent of the handbags are new; the rest are in excellent condition. Also, there will be a wide range of prices.

All of the funds raised will benefit underprivileged women and children in the Sacramento community, so it's definitely worth opening your old pocketbooks to get a new one.

The benefit is from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Saturday at the Radisson Hotel, 500 Leisure Lane. Tickets are $40 ($22 of that is tax-deductible) and are available by calling Debi Llata at (916) 397-8350.

October 3, 2007
Fear the 'burbs

"The Jane Austen Book Club" is set in Sacramento but, for budget reasons, was filmed in Southern California, as this story by my Bee colleague Alison apRoberts explained.

But while watching the film, which I review in Friday's Weekend Ticket section, one moment was highly recognizable.

It wasn't the landscape, but rather the reaction of city-dwelling characters to news that a computer geek, played by Hugh Dancy (at right), actually bought a new house in the suburbs!

So even though she didn't shoot the film - based on the book by Davis' Karen Joy Fowler - in Sacramento, director Robin Swicord captured a certain local mentality that holds that any neighborhood more than a few miles past midtown might as well be on Mars.

October 2, 2007
'Daily Show' or local TV news: Part 15

large steve

Hey, I've got nothing against puns. In fact, I admit it: I've used a few puns in my day.

But TV news totally abuses this linguistic crutch. I suppose it's excusable when reporting "soft" news about a deer or a bear sighting. But when you get all punny on a hard news story, that's just not right.

Which brings to mind Channel 13, which breathlessly reported Monday night on the arrest of an ice cream vendor in South Land Park, accused of fondling school children.

Instead of just reporting the story straight, however, Steve Large had to get cute. Examples:

* "If he's found guilty of this crime, he's going to have to trade in this bar (he raises an ice cream bar) for time behind bars."

* "One ice cream vendor has left a bad taste in the mouths of students and school staff in South Land Park."

* "That's when students say he stopped concentrating on selling these sweets and started doing some sweet talking."

Please, please. On sensitive stories such as this, lose the cheap, too-clever-by-half wordplay.

Here's the report.

October 2, 2007
Tom Sullivan makes it official


It's official: Tom Sullivan has gone all New York on us.

The popular KFBK (1530 AM) talk radio host confirmed what The Bee reported on Sept. 20 - he will be co-hosting a morning show on the fledgling Fox Business Network, beginning Oct. 15.

"It's all business, all the time, but it's not going to be like CNBC," Sullivan says, announcing his intentions today on KFBK's afternoon news.

"CNBC had it all to themselves. And they talked to the bankers and the brokers. But there's 99 percent of the people out there who want to know what to do with their money, that don't get the information. So we're going to do a lot differently on the Fox Business Network."

The show, as yet unnamed, will air from 7-9 a.m. (Pacific) and will focus on the stock market and personal finance, he adds.

He says the new show eventually will be syndicated, meaning "you'll start hearing calls coming in from all around the country."

After the weekday TV show concludes, Sullivan says he will do his noon-to-3 p.m. radio show for KFBK from a studio in the same New York building.

Sullivan has been on vacation for two weeks. He will be back on the KFBK airwaves Monday.

October 2, 2007
'Funny' - and still fashionable

Audrey_2.jpgTres, tres, tres chic!

That's what comes to mind when I think of the movie "Funny Face," starring Audrey Hepburn - and a guy named Fred Astaire. Today, the 50th anniversary of the film is marked by the release of a special-edition DVD ($14.99).

From a fashion standpoint, the movie still is relevant. Audrey's character, who works in a bookstore in Greenwich Village, opens in a timeless look: black turtleneck and skinny black pants (which the Gap reinterpreted last fall, by the way.)

But, there are other ensembles Audrey wears that will take your breath away. And, there's a wedding dress, which, if re-created today, would likely cost a fortune.

According to Bee staff writer Bruce Dancis, who reviews DVD releases for the paper, this anniversary version also includes new documentaries on Paris, the fashion industry and "Paramount in the '50s."

To read his complete review, go here.

October 2, 2007
More from Jai

2QEYhiC05.jpgI hope you've set your TiVos (if you hit the sack early) or, if you're a night owl, plan to watch at 10 tonight the first show of the last season of "Queer Eye" on Bravo.

I chatted recently with one of the show's Fab Five (pictured), Jai Rodriguez, who is known as the "culture vulture." That interview appeared today in Scene.

Jai says that being on "Queer Eye" was a life-changing experience that has opened many other career doors. For example, he's doing a lot of other TV/music gigs.

"I've been on a couple of soaps, competed on 'Celebrity Duets' (last September), was a guest star on 'Nip/Tuck,' and I got a record deal (the album comes out Friday)," he says.

Oh, and for you fashionistas out there, Jai is set to work alongside Daisy Fuentes on a program called "The Ultimate Style Show," set to debut next month on, natch, the Style Network.

If that wasn't enough, Jai, who is now 28 and living in L.A. ("I can't believe I'm saying that because I'm a diehard New Yorker"), has grown up, even though he's still considered the "baby" among the Fab Five.

"I saw Carson (Kressley, the fashion guru) out here and he said I was so 'sturdy.' Heck, I've even grown a beard!"

And all that etiquette stuff the Fab Five has been teaching the straight guys since 2003 has rubbed off.

For example:

* On fine dining: "I know what works and doesn't work when it comes to food and wine, but I still have trouble making it."

* On getting into a cab: "The man should enter first so the woman doesn't have to slide across the seat, unless he gets in on the other side."

* On going through a revolving door: "The man goes first so he can push the door open for the woman."

* On bringing a hostess gift: "Don't be offended if you bring a bottle of wine to dinner and it's not served. It might not complement the meal. That's unless you call ahead and ask what's on the menu. Still, the wine might already have been selected. Also, flowers aren't a good idea unless they're already in a vase. You don't want the host to have to stop and cut stems."

* On watching TV: "I love 'Grey's Anatomy' (he has a friend on the show), 'Brothers & Sisters,' 'Heroes' and, of course, 'Project Runway.' "

Jai says he's dying to do a reunion show with his "Queer Eye" teammates, but for now, he'll have to settle for singing the opening theme song for tonight's "Straight Guy Pageant," which airs at 9 on Bravo, preceding the season premiere.

October 2, 2007
Are you a FOE?

Radio talk show host Eric Hogue, at KFIA (710 AM) and KFAX (1100 AM), sure hopes he has a lot of FOES. That would be, of course, "Friends of Eric."

That's because Hogue plans to run for the 4th Assembly District seat if (and this is a big caveat) incumbent Ted Gaines does as expected and runs for John Doolittle's congressional seat.

Conservative blogs this morning are buzzing with the news. Here's one link.

One question Hogue left unanswered in his conditional campaign announcement: Will he put his radio show on hiatus during his run?

October 1, 2007
Identity crisis at 1320 AM


So, a colleague this afternoon wanted to check in on the Colorado Rockies playoff game, and he asked me which station in town carried ESPN radio.

I told him 1320 (KCTC) and forwarded him the Web site for online streaming.

Much to my surprise, when you click on the Web site, you get this strange mishmash of ESPN Radio and "Talk Left" Air America programming.

It's been more than eight months since 1320 changed formats, but the Web site hasn't followed suit. They still have lefty radio hosts Enid Goldstein and Scott & Sims highlighted, and the same explanatory box telling why the format was going to sports.

How lame. It's time for KCTC to update its Web page.

October 1, 2007
Heidi-ho, jewelry lovers!

TSVOpenOct07.jpgI caught quite a bit of fashion maven Joan Rivers' jewelry collection show on QVC over the weekend. (I even bought a leather and gold bracelet!) Loved her other accessories, too, including a croc-embossed handbag and oversized sunglasses.

All this, between taking in a ton of college football games and doing laundry, of course.

Anyway, at 8 tonight, there's yet another chance to shop for baubles. That's because QVC is bringing back supermodel and "Project Runway" host/judge Heidi Klum to unveil the additions to her jewelry line, The Heidi Klum Collection (natch), which is an exclusive for the shopping network (Comcast Channel 9).

The fall must-have? The Love Locket (pictured), for $60. It was inspired by the choker Heidi wore to last winter's Golden Globes.

And attention "PR" fans (and you know who you are), Season 4 mercifully, finally, will launch at 10 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 14, on Bravo. It's been more than a year since Season 3 debuted, so we're greatly in need of a fashion fix.

Make it work!

October 1, 2007
A runway success!

Paris in the Fall Photography

Sunday's Foster Youth Education Fund fashion show was a whopping success. Renee Wessels, who was in charge of getting the word out about the event, called Monday to deliver the good news: the show, which drew about 350 fashion-forward attendees, raised more than $40,000 - an all-time record!

"It was such a great show, and we even had 45 kids from Sacramento County participate," Renee says (some of them shown above). "That's also a record number of youth, all wanting to continue their higher education - and have fun at the same time."

This was the sixth annual event for the nonprofit FYEF, which raises funds for foster youth and former foster kids as they pursue higher learning. Funds go directly to the kids and to a program at Sac State called Guardian Scholars. It provides support once the students get to campus. That includes mentoring, tuition, housing, etc.

The fun, fashionable clothes for this year's show at the CSUS University Ballroom were provided by Macy's Sunrise Mall.

Those in attendance included quite a few luminaries: state and county officials, foster-youth backers - even foster families.

If you weren't one of the attendees but would still like to contribute to FYEF, they're still accepting donations at 3323 Watt Ave., Suite 253, Sacramento, CA, 95821.

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