Q: Mountain towns like Truckee don’t have to conserve water because we get it first. Right? – Scott Berelson, Truckee

Q: Are we allowed to fill above-ground pools? I bought mine at the end of last year. It’s 18 feet in diameter by 4 feet deep. – S. Smith, Citrus Heights

Q: With Folsom Lake losing water, what are the implications for electricity production? How can California deal with the lost energy source? – David Davidson, Sacramento

Keep the lid closed — and protect the water from mosquitoes.

Q: What are the authorities asking and/or requiring farmers and agricultural interests to do immediately to reduce their water use, and by how much? Will there be significant penalties for non-compliance? – Jim Purvis, Gold River

In 2010, John Koeller and a colleague studied sensor-flush toilets in the real setting of a Florida office building. After months of monitoring, they found that sensor-flush toilets actually increased water consumption by 45 percent compared to manual-flush toilets.

Beans were made to grow with little water, but melons, squash and tomatoes will succeed in drought conditions.

Make sure the water reaches the roots and saturates the top 12 inches of soil.

Q: Most times when I use an automatic-flush toilet in a commercial building, it flushes two to three times. Do automatic-flush toilets waste or save water? – Ed Zajac, Orangevale

Q: Summer recreation is a big deal in my family – boating, specifically. How far will we need to go this summer to find a suitable body of water? – Thomas Sherer, Roseville, CA

Water trees individually and deeply to make sure they stay strong.

No — but keep out the mosquitoes!

Answer: That restriction may yet be coming.

Q: Are cities required to produce detailed water conservation plans so consumers can see what they would do at more severe stages of drought? – Kate McCarthy, Lincoln

The state will require all water agencies to meter their customers by the end of 2024

Q: If I remember correctly, past water restrictions (in the city of Sacramento) allowed the watering of new landscaping on “no watering” days and drip systems were also exempt. Was/is that still true? – Raquel Beckett, Sacramento

Keep the bugs out with fine-mesh screen — and keep an eye on the barrel.

Q: Front-load washing machines use 35 to 37 gallons less for a load. They take a much larger load. And lessen dry time for that load. Why are steps not being taken to replace top loaders? – Albert Domozych, El Dorado Hills

Should we have to conserve while Nestle bottles water?

The Sacramento region hasn’t seen its normal share of rain, but that water must be going somewhere.

We’ve had some rain, so why is this still considered a drought?

Many people love it – but it’s not for everyone.

An efficient automatic dishwasher uses only 4 gallons per load.

And could we pay for it with high speed rail funds?

Find water waste reporting hotlines for every district at one website,

Answer: They are generally required to follow the same rules.

Shouldn’t the heaviest users be tapped for greatest conservation?

This drought is an emergency, but it’s no reason to stay away.

Yes, but the answer depends on where the violation occurs

It means different things in different communities.

Is it fed from a deep and massive source?

Go low-tech — and grab a bucket.

Q: Are there still single family homes in California that do not have water meters? If so, about how many? Will the unmetered homes be getting water meters in the future? – Pat Roberts, Palo Alto

Several resources are available – including a few that offer financial incentives.

When trying to conserve water, should cans and jars be put into recycle bins dirty?

Yes, and agencies around the state are responding

Favorite shrub is tougher than it looks.

The engineering is feasible, but the political and legal hurdles challenging

The eastern seaboard can’t get enough snow; can we use it here in parched California?

Let sunshine do the heavy work, then give the redwoods a drink.

Why not bring Folsom Lake up to three-fourths capacity and just let out what comes in, so we always have a lake that’s three-fourths full?

This Sacramento restriction grew out of enforcement concerns, but it’s changing March 9.

Q: I think we should split the state at the Grapevine and make Jerry Brown the governor of S. Ca. And then we can charge them for every ounce of water we have to pump to them. I bet they start using their own water then! – Debe Burgardt, Elk Grove

Why is Folsom Lake’s water level attributed to drought when it has been emptied to facilitate the major flood control improvement work?

It depends on the length of the shower, but that’s usually the more efficient option.

Why aren't we building more dams to store more water, instead of wasting money on a bullet train?

Water shortages in California and the West will be a fact of life forever. Why is there not a single desalination plant anywhere on the coast?

Rarely refilled, a swimming pool may use less water than a lawn the same size.

Sacramento is bound by regulations on how much water it can withdraw from the river at any given time.

NHL game used about 15,000 gallons of water, or less than a gallon per square foot of ice.

California water officials have declared zero deliveries from the State Water Project; does that mean the pumps that transport water across California will be turned off?

How does a low-flow showerhead, toilet, etc., actually save water? It goes back into the river eventually, right?

“If you build it, they will come” truly applies to California. The problem is we don’t have the water for our millions of new arrivals.

With Folsom Lake so low, is this an opportunity to remove dirt on a large scale to increase storage capacity?

What is the average water use of a Sacramento area golf course?

With the drought conditions, requirements to reduce water use and especially how low Folsom Lake is, will someone research and explain why they are releasing water at Nimbus Dam?

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