Labor Day offers an opportunity for politicians and economists to offer their two cents on the state of labor. It’s a good bet that some of that commentary will focus on the so-called “skills gap” – the notion that millions of jobs in highly technical fields remain unfilled while millions of Americans without those skills remain unemployed.

I love stories of family farms and raisins. In the past, it was a crop full of uncertainty and perfect for struggling immigrants who were willing to take risks and dream of profits.

Sacramento city schools’ new chief needs to meet with Mayor Johnson immediately, get WiFi districtwide, and shake up the traditional school model.

REYKJAVIK, Iceland – Volcanoes and glaciers, fire and ice, are dominant features of this moonscape-pocked island nation. How fitting that over a generation ago the leaders of the United States and Soviet Union came to talk disarmament in the heat of the Cold War.

Tom Steyer, billionaire former hedge fund executive and progressive environmental activist, sat down with The Sacramento Bee’s editorial board last week to talk issues important to him and his NextGen Climate super PAC. Steyer has spent tens of millions of dollars on environmental issues and to sway elections across America in favor of candidates with a focus on climate change and the environment. Here’s an edited version of his comments:

It must be a cold day in hell. The cow jumped over the moon. And pigs are flying somewhere. No, the Legislature hasn’t resorted to catchy slogans to address problems facing our state. This is what one Republican lawmaker said after Assemblyman Tom Ammiano and I announced a bipartisan deal supported by business, labor and progressive groups to close an egregious loophole in Proposition 13 earlier this year.

Grocery workers save their pro-employee CEO’s job, a fascinating twist for Labor Day.

Play is critical to the physical, cognitive and emotional health of children.

Should records be kept on officer-involved shootings? How would the public benefit from that data?

When you reach your 50s, your perspective on life – and death – changes dramatically.

High-speed rail, by shifting travel away from dirtier transportation modes such as planes and cars, would do wonders in reducing the transportation sector’s impact on our carbon footprint.

Thank you, President Lyndon B. Johnson – for signing the Wilderness Act on Sept. 3, 1964

Elk Grove puts in a bid to compete with Sacramento for MLS.

One-size-fits-all regulations are not good for California.

Unelected bureaucrats issue regulations that have the power of law.

We need to brace ourselves for severe federal budget problems.

Conservatives overreact to Gov. Brown’s welcoming comments.

The Bee’s editorial cartoonist, Jack Ohman, writes whatever is on his mind, and he writes often. Read his blog at

Re “The cost of abusive lawsuits is taking a big bite out of state’s classrooms” (Viewpoints, Aug. 26). Robla School Board member Craig DeLuz, without presenting evidence, writes that school districts paid lots of money for attorney fees because of “abusive lawsuits.” That’s just wrong.

California would be burdened by the consequences of even more casinos.

Studies show that mandate doesn’t reduce reduce workplace illness or turnover.

Some legislation would be better off dead.

Sometimes you read a sentence and you think to yourself: only here, only us.

We can all cultivate admirable character traits such as courage and humility.

President is being bullied into going down the path of austerity.

Fewer choices for patients and possible tax penalties are on the way.

Instead of calling companies unpatriotic, the president should push lower tax rates.

Bride-to-be draws the line at having her mother’s full name on invitations.

Sacramento Bee editorial cartoonist Jack Ohman: The Ukrainian separatist

Yet nearly 7 million California workers, many of them on the bottom economic rungs, don’t have access to it. Assembly Bill 1522 by Lorena Gonzalez, D-San Diego, would fix that.

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