How confident are you that the seafood you buy is really what you get? I was appalled to see seafood mislabeling firsthand when the fish I purchased from a vendor was not what I ordered.

Automatic tickets issued by cameras gouge motorists in the nation’s capital.

Kent State University officials took “great offense to a company using our pain for their publicity and profit.”

South Carolina politician continues to invite public humiliation.

We give the rich and famous too much sympathy for bad behavior.

The world doesn’t have institutions to combat Ebola outbreak and Islamic extremism.

An effort to divide California into six separate states died late last week, failing to gather enough valid signatures to qualify for the ballot. With its demise, another bad idea about how to fix California has fallen by the wayside.

Judging by her weekend appearance in Iowa, it looks as if Hillary Clinton is indeed running for president. Now she has to answer one simple question: Why?

Sacramento Bee editorial cartoonist Jack Ohman: I’m Back

State has 2,300 special districts on top of 482 city councils, 1,028 boards of education and 58 boards of county supervisors. Is your head spinning yet?

Although any increase in gas prices hurts, the reality is that our gas consumption is hurting even more, and a tax on carbon is the smartest way to address the problem. Climate change will have a far higher cost on our children than a gas tax will have on us.

Economics failed, but economists made it worse by letting partisanship get in the way.

Using the term ‘war’ presents misleading picture of how terrorist group must be fought.

The crisis shows weaknesses in the global capacity to tackle emergencies.

While Sacramento brands itself as the center of the farm-to-fork movement, parishioners at the midtown church I attend have similarly reconnected to the agricultural roots of the center of our worship and communal life, the sacramental wine.

Darrell Steinberg is leaving the Legislature after 14 years, and leaving a mark.

The California delegation boasts both the richest Congress member and the poorest, although the calculations for poverty are, shall we say, somewhat imprecise.

The digital divide remains as wide as the Central Valley for the poorest California children, but not because of a lack of interest among our low-income families. After a short news item aired on Spanish-language TV recently about an affordable home Internet offer, 2,700 calls jammed the call center – on a Friday night.

Last Sunday’s Conversation looked at the tide of undocumented immigrant children who have come to America to escape crime in their Central American countries.

I have read with some dismay lately Bee writers repeating shibboleths about education, specifically tenure, as if they were documented fact.

I finally attended my high school reunion. Forty years. If they’d had any before, I hadn’t noticed, or cared. I simply moved on after graduation.

When I read about climate change, I learn about rising sea levels and shrinking polar ice caps – problems for 100 years in the future. But when I talk to my friends and customers about climate change, the focus is on what is happening today. It seems little things are already adding up.

There is little doubt that 2014 has been the year of the data breach. The latest currently under investigation is the breach of consumer payment data at Home Depot. Initial reports suggest the breach may be larger in scope than the one at Target. This is a scary thought considering Target lost upward of 110 million consumer records. Golden 1 Credit Union estimates that 10 percent of its members were affected by that particular breach.

Several friends and I recently embarked on what we hoped would be a wilderness adventure in California’s high country. What we found was nothing like that.

Had we the people not been so morally craven, we might have saved much treasure and blood. Had we had not been so panicked and credulous, America might not have created the vacuum into which this new threat now rushes.

Despite years of stories and attempts at legislative fixes, lawyers and phony victims are still misusing the Americans with Disabilities Act for financial gain.

A yearlong McClatchy Newspapers investigation has uncovered massive fraud in the 2009 federal stimulus project intended to rebuild America and jump-start the economy.

The state wants to force local agencies to manage groundwater and provide them with enforcement powers to meter and regulate the use of groundwater. And, if the locals cannot accomplish this or refuse to, the state will take over.

The United States has a long and complicated relationship with Qatar, which negotiated the release of American journalist Peter Theo Curtis. Even as Qatar actively developed relations with the West, its leaders also cultivated active relations with Ahmadinejad’s Iran, Hamas and a host of Islamic reform and militant movements, among them the Jabhat Al-Nusra front in Syria.

There are stinkers in the pile of bills on Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk. But these six are prizes he ought to support.

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