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Yolo County officials warn residents of rabies among wild animals in area

Yolo County Animal Services officials remind residents to avoid contact with wild and stray animals, announcing that a fox that attacked two horses in the Winters area tested positive for rabies.

Authorities said the attack by the juvenile fox occurred on Putah Creek Road near the bridge at Railroad Street, on the Solano County side of Putah Creek.

According to the Yolo County wildlife trapper, the fox, given its age, would have been on its own since July or August, and this case of rabies may be an isolated one. The rabies virus in the fox may have been caused by an encounter with a bat or a skunk while hunting, authorities said.

Yolo Animal Services officials previously reported that a bat found in the Woodland area Nov. 8 had tested positive for rabies.

They advise anyone who comes in contact with an animal that might have rabies to seek emergency care for preventive treatment for the virus.

Officials stress that vaccinated pets act as a barrier between wild animals and humans to keep the rabies virus from spreading.

For more information, call Yolo County Animal Services at (530)668-5287, or email animal.bite@yolocounty.org.