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‘Deepwater Horizon’ tops list of new DVD releases out Jan. 10

Kurt Russell stars in the new DVD release “Deepwater Horizon.”
Kurt Russell stars in the new DVD release “Deepwater Horizon.”

Strong male characters dominate the DVD releases out Jan. 10.

“Deepwater Horizon” Grade : Disaster on an oil rig puts crew in a fight for survival. Kurt Russell stars.

Director Peter Berg gets past the familiarity problem of the film being based on a real story with his “Deepwater Horizon” by playing up the human element of the major players. By the time the explosion on the oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico unfolds in massively grand style, there is real reason to be concerned about the people facing a hell on Earth.

“The Birth of a Nation” Grade <z_sym_star><z_sym_star>: Nate Parker took on the massive task of not only writing and directing his version of “The Birth of a Nation,” but he also stars in the film that recounts the largest slave revolt in United States history. Parker’s passion for the project based on a true story spurred him to create a production that resonates through the ages, but it also blinded him to a few creative flaws.

This is a powerful and moving story that sadly reflects social injustice and crimes against humanity, much of which continues to this day. The biggest flaw is that there are a few places where the first-time director shows more love with the filmmaking process than with this moving and important story.

“The Accountant” Grade : Take a lifeless performance by Ben Affleck. Add an unimaginative script and confusing direction by Gavin O’Connor. The result for “The Accountant” is a movie where the math just doesn’t work.

The film about an accountant who has been diagnosed as having a high-functioning form of autism misses so badly that what is supposed to be an action film ends up being more comic than thrilling. And there are so many people to blame.

Also new on DVD Jan. 10:

▪ “Max Steel”: Teenager learns his body can generate powerful energy.

▪ “Kevin Hart: What Now?”: Kevin Hart performs in front of 50,000 people at Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field.

▪ “B.C. Butcher”: Horror story that unfolds in the Stone Age.

▪ “Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir: Be Miraculous”: Includes seven episodes in which the heroes protect Paris.

▪ “The Story of God With Morgan Freeman”: Freeman goes on a journey to discover how our beliefs connect us all.

▪ “Homeland: The Complete Fifth Season”: Carrie has trouble starting a new life in Berlin.

▪ “Lost & Found”: Two teenage boys go on a quest to discover where their grandfather stashed his fortune.

▪ “Puppy Power!”: Woofster and the Super Readers go on adventures.

▪ “The People vs. Fritz Bauer”: German Attorney General turns to the Mossad to help him track down a war criminal.

▪ “Apple of My Eye”: Equestrian finds a new need for horses when she is blinded.

▪ “My King”: While recovering from an injury, a woman reflects on her turbulent 10-year relationship.

▪ “xXx: 15th Anniversary Edition”: Action film starring Vin Diesel is being re-released before new film in series hits theaters.

▪ “37”: A group of 37 neighbors do nothing while a woman is murdered.

▪ “Black America Since MLK: And Still I Rise”: Henry Louis Gates, Jr., narrates the history of the civil rights movement.

▪ “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson: Johnny and Friends Featuring Jerry Seinfeld”: Collection of appearances by the comedian on the talk show.

New on Digital HD Jan. 10:

▪ “Battle for Inchon: Operation Chromite”: South Korean soldiers try to infiltrate a North Korea military instillation.

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