Read ‘Ghetto Celebrity’ writer’s work weekly on website Patreon

Donnell Alexander
Donnell Alexander Courtesy of Dawn Larned

Donnell Alexander has written across genres and publishing platforms in a career that has seen his work appear in ESPN The Magazine, Time, Rolling Stone, Deadspin, Grantland and other publications. A former editor of the Sacramento City College Express, he wrote the 2003 memoir “Ghetto Celebrity” and indulged his fascination with extreme situations and personalities in co-producing the 2009 animated short film “Dock Ellis & the LSD No-No.” Alexander is now offering his nonfiction storytelling and cultural commentary through Patreon, a website that congregates creatives and their materials and asks fans (patrons) to pay for the content they consume. In Alexander’s case, patrons seem most interested in a weekly current-events column he delivers (it costs $10 per month to read). He also offers a weekly behind-the-scenes video of what he’s up to, which is always worth a look.

Information at www.patreon.com

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