‘The Price is Right’ comes on down to Thunder Valley today

Drew Carey, host of "The Price is Right," on the set in Los Angeles.
Drew Carey, host of "The Price is Right," on the set in Los Angeles. AP

“Come on down!” Those words have become some of the most famous in television history, marking the chance to win prizes for generations of studio audiences.

Two live shows of “The Price Is Right,” the longest-running game show on television, will play at Thunder Valley on Saturday, June 3. There will be no cameras and the show will not be broadcast, and barring an unforeseen surprise, there will be no famous host, but the atmosphere of the show will be recreated, and all audience members will have the chance to compete.

In “The Price Is Right,” contestants from the audience compete for the chance to get on stage where there is a chance to win by playing a version of a game like Plinko, Cliffhangers or the Big Wheel, all of which will be parts of the live version. Win at that level and a contestant goes into the Showcase where the prizes are large.

The format has undergone only minor chances since the show debuted in 1956, created by television game-show giants Mark Goodson and Bill Todman. It was hosted by Bill Cullen. It was then revamped in 1972 with the affable Bob Barker. In 2007 Drew Carey took over. Its combination of competitive spirit and blatant product placement has proved amazingly resilient. It has versions in 43 other countries. (4 and 8 p.m.; $47.95-$67.95; thundervalleyresort.com)