LA rocker Kaz Mirblouk heads up list of upcoming must-see shows

Kaz Mirblouk
Kaz Mirblouk David Fearn

Mark Hummel's Summer Sessions


7:30 p.m. Wed. June 13

Harris Center

These days, Mark Hummel has earned as much a reputation as a ringmaster of collaborative blues throwdowns as a harp howlin’ bluesman in his own right (both are well deserved). In curating this acoustic "Summer Session" blowout, he enlists the likes of Leslie "Lazy Lester" Johnson (a resident of nearby Paradise who celebrates his 85th birthday next week), guitarists Guy Davis and Joe Beard, the blues n' boogie of Deep Basement Shakers and laser-guided upstarts Howell Devine. $23-$38. www.harriscenter.net.

The Inciters


8 p.m. Sat. June 9

Blue Lamp

Sabi Kendrick, Jessica White Cloud, Aimee Gruber and Kristen Vacketta provide a quartet of vocal firepower smoldering over a cavalcade of jubilant brass and funky guitars to form the 11-piece ‘60s soul machine the Inciters. This Santa Cruz outfit specializes in Northern Soul -- the kind that dares you not to wiggle and knows it will win that challenge. Before their set, the Inciters will serve as backup for vintage soul-pop songstress Jackie Mendez (playing third), with reggae acts Scratch Outs and Triple Tree getting things started. www.bluelampsacramento.com

Kaz Mirblouk


9:30 p.m. Sat. June 9

Sophia's Thai Kitchen (Davis)

There is a raw, untamed quality to L.A.'s Kaz Mirblouk's brand of no-rules rock that suggests it was never meant to see the light of the midday sun, instead relegated to the darkest corners of the city whence it came (and possibly the similarly dark corners of his mind). It’s surf rock without an ocean and garage rock for those with no address; the kind that makes you search long and hard to find its inner rays of light. But could it be that they were actually shining through the whole time? With Pastel Dream. $5. www.sophiasthaikitchen.com

Looking ahead

California Worldfest, July 12-15 at Nevada County Fairgrounds

Daily lineups are up for this annual global treat; plush electro-pop act Magic Giant leads the pack on Friday, funk jazz titans Galactic headline Saturday and, trust me blues fans, you want to get to know the name Samantha Fish on Sunday. www.worldfest.net.