Favreau’s ‘Chef’ back in theaters Aug. 29

The film that likely launched a thousand hunts for Cuban sandwiches around the country when it was released in May will return to theaters Aug. 29.

“Chef,” in which Jon Favreau stars as a creatively stunted Los Angeles chef who regains his vigor via a Cuban-sandwich food truck, already has drawn nearly $30 million at the box office. Now the film’s distributor, Open Road, is going for seconds.

And perhaps for awards consideration for Favreau, who also wrote and directed the film. A studio press release announcing the re-release mentions that Hollywood guild members with union cards can get into the movie for free.

“Chef” marked “Swingers” writer-director Favreau’s return to modestly budgeted films after directing the first two “Iron Man” films. “Chef” and Favreau’s performance in it both drew solid reviews from critics.