Extra footage won’t help muddled ‘Batman v Superman’ DVD out July 19

This week’s top video releases features additional material from the theatrical version.

“Batman v Superman” Dawn of Justice” Grade : Holy bloated muddled mess! The first 45 minutes of director Zack Snyder’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” is such a confusing menagerie of worn-out and worthless story points that only a well-staged battle and the appearance of a female savior keep this latest comic-book-inspired film from being the biggest failure in the genre.

And now it has additional footage, thanks to the DVD release.

The casting of Jesse Eisenberg is the worst decision in a superhero movie since Ben Affleck was cast as Daredevil. Instead of a menacing foe to Superman, Eisenberg comes across more like the star of a middle school production of “Smallville.”

It’s embarrassing to watch him try to channel Heath Ledger’s work as the Joker and fail so miserably.

The acting is bad but it is worthless plot points that take the super out of this superhero movie.

“Elvis & Nixon” Grade : Michael Shannon and Kevin Spacey are two of the top actors working today. Despite all of their skills, they cannot make this snippet in American history anything more than slightly interesting. There’s just not enough material.

Screenwriters Joey and Hanala Sagal fill in around the meeting with some very odd moments for Elvis (Shannon). They are more interested in his trip to a doughnut shop than why the King would be so obsessed with getting a federal badge.

Another oddity of the film is that while it’s about Elvis, the music used is by other artists of the same time period. Not using any Elvis tunes is a major mistake.

Also new on DVD July 19

▪ “The Perfect Match”: A charming playboy (Terrence J) who doesn’t believe in serious relationships runs into Eva (Cassie Ventura).

▪ “Miles Ahead”: Don Cheadle stars in this look at the life of Miles Davis.

▪ “Bitten”: Laura Vandervoort series about a female werewolf.

▪ “The Martial Arts Kid”: Teen rejects tough-love approach of family, martial arts community.

▪ “Underdogs”: Toy figures save the day.

▪ “The 100: The Complete Third Season”: Those sent to Earth must fight for survival.

▪ “Secrets of the Dead: Teotihuacan’s Lost Kings”: A look at what happened to the once-thriving city.

▪ “Bad Moon”: Photojournalist deals with being a werewolf.

▪ “The Return of the Living Dead”: The classic horror film is being released as a two-disc collector’s edition.

▪ “Person of Interest: The Complete Fifth and Final Season”: The efforts by two men to stop crime before it happens comes to an end. Jim Caviezel stars.

▪ “My Best Friend”: Kristen thinks she’s the luckiest 13-year-old in the world by having a horse as a best friend.

▪ “Kill Zone 2”: Story of dirty cops, prison riots and black market organ transplants.

▪ “Caillou Goes for the Gold”: Caillou learns playing soccer, baseball, and running aren’t as easy as they look.

Also available on Digital HD

▪ “Keanu”: Cousins impersonate ruthless killers to save a kidnapped cat.

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