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Dizzy Gillespie, Carlos Santana and Pitbull part of PBS’ ‘Latin Music USA’

PBS reprises its series “Latin Music USA” this month.
PBS reprises its series “Latin Music USA” this month. PBS

“Ten cuidado!” (be careful) is a call you might hear when listening to Latin jazz, especially when the conguero is freed up for a solo or even better when several percussionists are trading licks. It’s also something you may tell yourself after watching the reprise of “Latin Music USA” because you could become obsessed with learning more about the substantial influence of Latin music in American culture.

The two-part, four-hour documentary series, co-produced by WGBH Boston and the BBC, goes deep into the reaches of Latin music in all forms: rock, jazz, country, and rhythm and blues. The first episode “Bridges” begins with the rise of Latin jazz and artists such as Chano Pozo, Mario Bauzá, Pérez Prado and Dizzy Gillespie. Other episodes show Latino influence on rock ’n’ roll in the 1960s – with artists such as Carlos Santana, Little Joe and the Latinaires and Ritchie Valens – and examine the global phenomenon of Latin superstars such as Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull and Ricky Martin.

The series begins airing locally at 8 a.m. Saturday, April 29, on KVIE2. For more information:

Marcus Crowder