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Look, up in the sky: It’s ... Lady Gaga on Golden 1 Center?

The work of Christina Angelina’s on the eastern wall of Golden 1 Center, near Art Hotel
The work of Christina Angelina’s on the eastern wall of Golden 1 Center, near Art Hotel

A giant likeness of Lady Gaga will soon adorn an exterior section of the Golden 1 Center.

The artwork – Gaga-ism, if you will – is Southern California artist Christina Angelina’s contribution to the Wide Open Walls mural festival, which began last week and runs until Aug. 20 in Sacramento.

As it happens, Lady Gaga will be in Sacramento on Tuesday to perform at the Golden 1 Center as part of her “Joanne” world tour.

The wall is a slice of Golden 1 Center facing Seventh street between J and K streets. Angelina, who also goes by “Starfighter,” is a street artist from Venice who specializes in creating striking figurative portraits, often on a large scale.

“Most of my pieces are based on a person, but they become other characters,” Angelina said Friday. “So the final painting is never the subject, it’s always the different character that I create.

“I was interested in (Lady Gaga) specifically because she creates characters constantly and then sort of embodies them for different songs or performances. She’s really creative with all these different kind of quasi-characters.”

The section of arena Angelina will be painting is set back from the sidewalk and flanked by two buildings, one of them the site of last year’s Art Hotel. Angelina said she will be incorporating all three walls into her mural, using the flanking surfaces for a pattern that draws the eye toward the Gaga center.

“I’m going to be, like, puncturing spray cans and doing a very expressive kind of pattern with splattered paint,” she said.

Angelina, 35, arrived in Sacramento on Friday having just finished a mural in Dubuque, Iowa. She said she used a digital program to design the Lady Gaga mural.

“We’re excited Golden 1 Center can continue to be a platform to support our arts community through the Wide Open Walls festival,” John Rinehart, Kings president of business operations, wrote in a text message. “It’s an honor to host a world-class performer like Lady Gaga on Tuesday and we think this tribute to her will reflect how our community supports arts, diversity and entertainment, while inspiring thousands as they pass by daily.”

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