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‘Comic books are art.’ Comic book artists take over Crocker Art Museum at CrockerCon

Dozens of comic-book artists and their fans poured into the Crocker Art Museum Thursday night for the 7th annual CrockerCon, a comic book convention showcasing local artists and creators, in downtown Sacramento.

“This is sort of the Trader Joe’s sample of what it’s like to go to a comic book convention, but also furthering the conversation about art in general,” said Eben Burgoon, one of the organizers of the event and a comic book writer. “Comic books are art. Comic books are literature.”

Some in attendance donned elaborate costumes. While children and adults perused artists’ tables, a couple dressed as a very realistic Beauty and the Beast mingled in the crowd. People wearing intricate Sith and Storm Trooper costumes from “Star Wars” were also in attendance, posing for photos with convention-goers.

Sandra Hinert, her son and her daughter attended CrockerCon for the first time this year dressed as characters from the cartoon “Scooby-Doo” franchise. Her son, Liam, 13, sported a green shirt and khaki corduroys like Shaggy and her daughter. Libby, 10, emulated Velma complete with glasses, orange turtleneck and Mary Jane shoes.

“The Crocker is so great, they put on a wonderful event every month, and I always enjoy coming. And when I heard they did something kids could enjoy, I got excited, and I knew they could participate more if they could come and be in costume,” said Hinert, dressed in a purple dress and pink tights like Daphne from the ’70s hit show.

Hinert said she liked that there were hands-on activities and her kids could jump right in and feel welcome.

Setting this year’s event apart was a special presentation by Chris Wisnia, a comic artist who also runs a blog and YouTube channel called “Diary of a Struggling Comics Artist” where he interviews other successful comic artists about their work and experiences.

Local group Time2TableTop also held a workshop to teach people how to play board games such as “Dungeons and Dragons.”

The event also featured a panel discussion with comic creators and a costume contest.

Molly Sullivan covers crime, breaking news and police accountability for The Bee. She grew up in Northern California and is an alumna of Chico State.