Author Joyce Maynard on Salinger, divorce and ... pies

New York Times best-selling author Joyce Maynard was the featured author for The Sacramento Bee Book Club at the Tsakopoulos Library Galleria on Thursday, May 29. She discussed her life with “Catcher in the Rye” author J.D. Salinger, her divorce and her love of pie-making with the more than 300 audience members.

“I gave myself permission to write the true story,” Maynard said of her memoir, “At Home In the World.” “It’s really not the story of Salinger, it’s the story of me. People always say, ‘oh, you wrote the book about Salinger.’ No, I wrote the book about my life – my whole life. My mother is a main character, my family, coming to California trying to be both a mother and have a career and writing that column, having a marriage and losing a marriage. But certainly, the experience with Salinger shaped my love life.”

Maynard shared other, more recent stories like her experiences promoting the movie “Labor Day,” which is based on her book of the same name, and her recent marriage.

In the audience was Alena Bellah, who said she’s been a fan of Maynard’s since she started reading Maynard’s syndicated column “Domestic Affairs.” The two were raising their children and going through divorces about the same time, she said.

“She does these workshops, and I told my friends, before I’m 60, I will see her,” Bellah said. “I’ll be 60 in August – but I couldn’t afford her workshops.”

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