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Casinos: ‘Masters of Magic,’ Larry the Cable Guy or the Go-Gos?

More than 1.6 million people have viewed – and likely laughed – at Eric Buss’ YouTube clip.

In it, he rides his “bubble-wrap bike,” pedaling merrily over an unspooling roll of bubble wrap that’s attached to the front of the jerry-rigged vehicle, popping plastic all the way. It’s a totally useless expenditure of both time and bubble wrap, but clever in a head-slapping sort of way.

Watching Buss live is anything but a waste of time. He enters on his bike and proceeds to emcee “Masters of Magic” at Reno’s Grand Sierra, one of the best entertainment bargains around, featuring four top-notch illusionists in 90 minutes of magic for $20.

Buss continues to display a series of manipulations with his “magic toolbox,” joins in on a few more traditional illusions with Michael Grandinetti and David Goldrake, and concludes with a symphonic presentation of “snakes” springing out of cans.

Grandinetti and Goldrake present major twists on classical illusions. Every time you think you’ve seen one too many box tricks, here comes another that throws a wrench into your preconceived notions. They are both smooth manipulators with charming personalities.

Area favorite Mark Kornhauser also appears in the show, correctly identifying far-flung ZIP code locations shouted out from audience members, being a hysterically funny phony psychic, and playing off his talking dog Zsa Zsa. (8 p.m.; Tuesdays-Sundays; Through Aug. 16; $20;

• It isn’t often a performer has a reputation big enough to fill a casino showroom, but isn’t old enough to gamble legally at the tables. Musician Kory Gibbs is just 14, but he’s built a big enough following to merit a spot at Jackson Rancheria Friday. Known as the “Lightning Boy” with electrifying guitar skills, he appears with his Thundering Blues Band. (7 p.m.; $10;


• Larry the Cable Guy is one of those comedians with whom you’d like to sit down and have a beer. His down-to-earth observations and easy-with-the-audience style identify him as the blue-collar everyman, and despite his fame, he’s comes across as genuine. On stage, he’s a happy guy with clever insights and no pretensions. He’s at Thunder Valley Friday (8 p.m.; $34.75-$83.75;


• The Go-Gos set the male-dominated punk and New-Wave scene “Head over Heels” in the ’80s. Since then, both the band and their fans have aged some, but that will not stop attendees from having a good time at the “Replay America Tour,” hitting Thunder Valley on Saturday. In addition to the Go-Gos, the bill includes Patty Smyth and Scandal, Martha Davis and the Motels and Naked Eyes with Pete Byrne. (6 p.m.; $34.25-$83.75;