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Carolla’s rant best heard live

Adam Carolla will be at Cache Creek on Saturday.
Adam Carolla will be at Cache Creek on Saturday. Cache Creek Casino Resort

While he seems to have a presence in almost every medium (radio, TV, film, books, online), there really is no better way to experience Adam Corolla than with his live appearances. Nobody has mastered the rant – that mix of humor and anger – better since the late Alan King.

Carolla can let fly on just about anything – food, sports, politics, kids, religion. Like all good satirists, he’ll go to extremes (and sometimes those extremes are disturbing). And like all good humorists, those who can extemporize on a subject well beyond pre-written punchlines, he’s hard to pin down. Perhaps the fact that he can be equally welcome as a guest by both Bill Maher and Bill O’Reilly sums him up best.

The second best way to experience Carolla is with his free daily podcasts of “The Adam Carolla Show,” which allow him the latitude to go wherever he wishes. You can also see him on Spike TV which has just extended his “Catch a Contractor” to another 10 episodes and expanded them to an hour each. In each episode, Carolla, also a carpenter, looks into claims of shoddy workmanship, and while there may be some who can advocate for the homeowner better than Carolla and his team, it’s doubtful there’s anybody who will do so with more passion and humor.

Carolla’s Cache Creek appearances Saturday come just two weeks before the Manny Pacquiao and Chris Algieri bout. It wasn’t that long ago that Carolla, who briefly worked as a boxing trainer, went on a tear about Pacquiao and extended it to the entire Philippines. That rant was followed by a backlash and an apology. Of course, Filipinos have not been the only ones insulted by a Carolla attack. Hawaiians, members of the LGBT community, and female comedy writers have all spent time in his sights.

That’s why Carolla live is Carolla at his best for fans of his humor – spontaneous, controversial and totally unpredictable. (7:30 and 10 p.m. Saturday; $45, $55;

Greece’s Mount Olympus is well-known as a mythological residence of the gods, but few think of it in terms of skiing. The new Warren Miller film “No Turning Back” hopes to change that by visiting its slopes, along with those in Niseko, Japan, the Alps, and even a few hills in Montana.

Each fall, the Warren Miller Entertainment company releases a new ski film, and each fall, audiences around the world flock to it.

Miller himself, of course, has nothing to do with it anymore and has not since 2004. He built his company from 8 mm shots while he lived in a teardrop trailer as the ultimate ski bum. But now the only evidence of the man himself is when the company slips in a bit of his old narration into a new film.

The new film includes footage of Ted Ligety and the U.S. Ski Team on Colorado’s Birds of Prey World Cup course, and JT Holmes and Ueli Kestenholz running extreme lines in the daunting Alps. It plays Friday and Saturday at Harrah’s Tahoe. (7 p.m.; $16; available at, Sports LTD in South Tahoe, or the South Shore Room box office;