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Casinos: Stand-up comedian Gary Owen comes to Cache Creek on March 26

Gary Owen will perform at Cache Creek Casino Resort.
Gary Owen will perform at Cache Creek Casino Resort. Courtesy MLA

Gary Owen is an entirely different breed of comedian than the similarly named Gary Owens, who would be familiar to the “Laugh-In” generation.

Owens, who served as announcer on the Dan Rowan and Dick Martin ensemble show, died last year.

Now, Owen is a whole different animal, a sort of hybrid: a white stand-up comic who appeals broadly to a largely black fan base. He appears Saturday, March 26, at Cache Creek, a venue that very often picks up on talents not overused in other casinos.

Owen began his career as “The Funniest Serviceman in America,” a largely meaningless title, but one that has served him well. He gained it after entering stand-up in the Navy, for which he had served as a military police officer on Coronado Island, when he made only two arrests in three years.

Because he was popular in the black community, he was associated with major black entertainment enterprises – becoming the only white man to host BET’s “Comic View,” appearing on Tyler Perry’s “House of Payne” as Zach the barber, being featured in “Ride Along” and appearing in “Think Like a Man” and “Think Like a Man Too.” (8 p.m.; $30, $55;


Whitney Cummings, co-creator of “2 Broke Girls,” has moved her career back into stand-up, where she found considerable success. “2 Broke Girls,” a sitcom about a down-and-outer forced to deal with a downwardly mobile co-worker, continues its five-year run. Or you might have seen her as one of the comedians who roasted Donald Trump on Comedy Central. Look for some zingers at Thunder Valley on Saturday, March 26. (7:30 p.m.; $45.75-$55.75;

On Friday, March 25, Thunder Valley returns a famous group from some early years of rock ’n’ roll. The Young Rascals (“Good Lovin’,” “Groovin’ ”) are now Felix Cavaliere’s Rascals. (8 p.m.; $37.75-$47.75)

Jackson Rancheria goes for a change of pace Saturday, March 26, with the Global Knock-Out 6 Mixed Martial Arts competition, a rematch between Middleweight Champion Justin Baesman and Nick “Killshot” Kohring. A new flyweight champion will also be crowned after Alex Sandoval and Eloy Garza square off. (6 p.m.; $50-$100;