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Rudner brings Vegas comedy to Cache Creek

Rita Rudner will perform at Cache Creek on Saturday.
Rita Rudner will perform at Cache Creek on Saturday. Courtesy of Rita Rudner

Rita Rudner knows her audiences. She likes them older – and most of her fans who started with her early in her career definitely are that.

Why? She’s older herself and likes “to go home early, well fed and well rested,” she said.

Last year, Rudner completed a 15-year run at New York New York in Las Vegas. It was perfect for her, allowing her to raise her daughter in one city and eliminating most of the hassles of performing in club after club on the road.

“I could be home all the time and work only from 7 to 10 at night. Even on New Year’s Eve. I had a gig on New Year’s Eve once in Vegas when 2000 was ushered in. We all remember the stupid Y2K scare that year so our show was moved to the parking lot. I thought, ‘That’s enough.’ 

“So at New York New York my show would celebrate the new year at midnight New York time. The ball would drop and I and my audiences could go home to bed. It’s been perfect.”

Now, she’s tooling around the country a little bit more, nothing much longer than a five-day tour, playing various venues like Cache Creek where she performs Saturday, Aug. 13. Her Vegas dates are limited to three or four times a year at Red Rock Casino in Summerlin.

“And I’m writing another book and developing a television project. This past winter my husband put on a play.” (Her husband is writer-producer Martin Bergman.) “We like to do a different sort of project once a year or so and this play called ‘Act 3’ had me play a wife who creates an alternate personality online and contacts her husband with whom she’s having difficulties. She compliments him online and he falls in love with this alternate character. It’s based on a real-life couple and they attended the play.”

Her comedy remains as it has always been – observational (“love and life, living in the world today”) and clean. Once, however, when she was participating in a roast of Chevy Chase, she felt impelled to do blue material and so inserted random four-letter words anywhere in her monologue. It worked but she’s not likely to do that again.

“I do not do politics. Why alienate one half of my audience? Mostly I talk about when my daughter was growing up and we’d play hide and seek and I wouldn’t search for her because I needed a break,” Rudner said. (8 p.m.; $35-$49;

There’s a comedy bonanza tonight at Thunder Valley when Steve Martin and Martin Short team up on “An Evening You Will Forget for the Rest of Your Life.” The All-Male Bluegrass Boys join in. (7 p.m.; $59.75-$199.75;

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