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CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin slams guest for using N-word live on her show

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CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin strongly rebuked Charles Kaiser for using the N-word live during her show.

Kaiser is a noted author and blogger who used the word on air as he condemned Steve Bannon, President-elect Donald Trump’s controversial pick as chief White House strategist for having used the word.

Baldwin responded by saying, “the more I’ve sat here and listened to the fact that somebody used the N-word on this show - it is not okay. It is not okay, Charles Kaiser.”

“I’m sorry,” Kaiser responded. “I never use the n-word except when I’m quoting someone who has been appointed by the president to serve in the Oval Office, since this is such a disgusting moment in our history.”

Baldwin also questioned his claim that Bannon used the n-word: “By the way, the claim that Mr. Bannon used the n-word — I’ve never heard of this. So there’s that.”

Here’s the full segment. The exchange comes right after the 2:45 mark.

Kaiser was appearing with GOP political commentator and consultant Paris Dennard, who is to the left of Baldwin on the screen.

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