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Sharp-toothed sea otter jumps into man’s kayak in Monterey Bay - can’t say he wasn’t warned

Facebook via KSBW-Salinas

John Koester and his wife Heather Van Nes were kayaking in Monterey Bay when a sea otter jumped up onto Koester’s kayak.

It turns out, this is a little more common than you would think. Before Koester set out, even the kayak rental shop advised him on how to react to aggressive otters.

Gena Bentall, a sea otter biologist and program coordinator for Sea Otter Savvy, told a television station there can be anywhere between 50 to 100 otters in the Moss Landing Harbor and Elkhorn Slough, where Koester was paddling. That makes the probability of something like this happening quite common.

KSBW8-Salinas has more on the story, and how you may not want these critters with sharp teeth in a small boat with you.