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‘Genuinely nice’ custodian strikes it rich with scratch-off lottery ticket

Dave Martinez
Dave Martinez

The custodian is now a millionaire.

Dave Martinez bought a winning scratch off lottery ticket at a Chicago gas station last month along with his morning hot chocolate.

With $2 million coming the worker's way, Martinez’s boss at New Trier High School tells CBS 2’s Jim Williams that it’s a story of something good happening to a good person.

“He’s just genuinely nice,” said Dave Conway. “He always has a smile on his face. He always works hard. ... “If there’s anybody I’d pick to win the lottery, it would be Dave.”


Martinez told the Chicago Tribune that he was hysterical after winning. His wife, Mary, told him to calm down and breathe. Martinez would play it cool over the next couple of days, the Chicago Tribune reported, going out with buddies to celebrate his upcoming 60th birthday and not saying a word about his good fortune. On Nov. 21, his birthday, he cashed in his ticket, opting for the 20-year annuity payout of $100,000 before taxes.

New Trier High School noted the story in a Facebook post.