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Video of alleged Redding police misconduct gaining attention

A Redding man shot video of a city police officer confronting him and posted it on YouTube, where it’s gotten more than 57,000 views as of Tuesday morning. The man, Nicholas Hyatt, 25, recorded the officer while he was on duty and detaining another man, who appears to be sitting on a curb in handcuffs.

The video, shot on Hyatt’s phone, has triggered criticism from some who say the officer was unnecessarily aggressive over the recording, the Redding Record Searchlight said. Police Chief Robert Paoletti may agree, telling the newspaper Monday he’s “disappointed” by officer Brandon Largent’s behavior in the video and that personnel action is under way.

Read the Redding Record Searchlight story here.

Watch the confrontation, which does not show physical abuse, in this YouTube video:

Link to the YouTube video.