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‘America the Beautiful’: Watch and listen to Route 66’s new singing road

New Mexico transportation officials are hoping a “singing road” along historic Route 66 will curb speeding.

The road uses a series of rumble strips to create music, in this case “America the Beautiful.” The driver will hear the tune as long as the speed limit is obeyed.

Tigress Productions is creating the “singing road” between Albuquerque and the mountain community of Tijeras, New Mexico, for a new National Geographic Channel series dubbed Crowd Control. The show will debut in November.

There are only a few such ‘singing roads’ in the world. Aside from getting driver to slow down, state Transportation Secretary Tom Church said the rumble strips will keep drowsy drivers from falling asleep at the wheel. He says the goal of the experiment is to change driver behavior in a fun way by giving them a reward if they obey the speed limit. Watch and listen: