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‘Star Wars’ actor John Boyega featured in stock photos before stardom

John Boyega, third from right
John Boyega, third from right video image

A new image was shared on Imgur last week and at first glance it looks like a typical university poster - there must be thousands of similar photos out there of smiley, cheerful students staring at the camera - but a closer inspection reveals something a bit strange.

That’s right, the grinning guy third from the front is the now super-famous “Star Wars” actor John Boyega. A bit of digging reveals that the photo is actually one of several stock images featuring Boyega on Getty.

The caption for that first one reads: “A group of 5 late-teenage school friends in a line with bright smiles and eye contact for the camera.”

Boyega himself has confirmed his appearance in the old stock photos on Twitter, adding that he used the money he received in the ads to buy new shoes.

“Star Wars: Episode 8” is ‘darker,’ according to Boyega

The stars have already seen the script, including J.J. Abrams who wants to direct it and Daisy Ridley who had nothing but praise for the next chapter’s script. According to Boyega, “It’s great. Much darker, but we’re very excited.”